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Hades II Announced During The Game Awards, Launching In Early Access In 2023

Hades II has been announced from Supergiant Games tonight during The Game Awards 2023, starring a new character, while featuring more of the beloved Hades rouge-like aspects, including another deep narrative focus.

Hades turned the rouge-like world upside-down when it launched out of early access, and has been praised as one of the best games in recent years.

Not just for it’s extremely polished gameplay, but it’s incredibly deep characters and unique way in how it told its story, with every attempt building on the story for the next time you meet them.

Just like the first Hades, this sequel will be released in early access first, and players will be able to help shape Hades II just as they did with Hades.

You can check out the trailer for yourself, here.

This sequel is definitely a big surprise for fans, and a welcomed one at that. It also seems to be one of the few bigger annoucements that didn’t leak, unlike some.

Source – [Supergiant Games]