Halo map comes to UT3

Now that maps and mods are starting to come out for Unreal Tournament 3, a created map isn’t normally that big of a deal, except for this one. What makes this map different from all the others is that it is a remake of another map from an Xbox 360 exclusive game.

DM-Wizard is a remake of the Halo map Wizard and is a Death Match map for those who don’t understand the unreal map naming process.

The creator of the map stated, "This was a great close quarters map and I felt it would be right at home with Unreal Tournament 3. This also has full bot pathing so you can play singleplayer without having to find a server with someone hosting this map."

DM-Wizard is available for both PC and PlayStation 3 and you can download it and view more screenshots by going to the source of this article.