Harmonix polls fans about future Rock Band titles

We don’t need to tell you how many band-specific titles have saturated the rhythm game market over the past couple of years. Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero are guilty for the flood, and both franchises have seen relatively weak sales for many of their single-band titles. There are exceptions, of course, but they don’t detract from the fact that something needs to change.

Fortunately, Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band, is conducting some preemptive research by polling gamers about future, band-specific products on its community site. Possible iterations that gamers can vote for include The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, and U2.

Don’t get too excited, however. The poll makes it perfectly clear that it "is not an indication, implication, hint, suggestion, guarantee, or promise that Harmonix is going to make games based on any or all of the bands listed in this poll. We know how excited Rock Band super fans get about uncovering the next big thing, so we wanted to clear that up right from the start."

“That being said, community feedback is and always has been absolutely invaluable to us in determining our focus within the world of Rock Band as we move forward. Whether we’re pouring over feature suggestions on the forums, chatting with folks at live events or crunching the numbers on hundreds of thousands of song requests, we want to make sure that the community always has a voice in the development process. Hence the survey!”

If you feel like Harmonix needs a little help steering their franchise, head on over to the poll and cast your vote.