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Harold Halibut Is A Handmade Narrative Game Coming To PS5 & PS4 In Early 2024

Harold Halibut is a new, handmade narrative game from developer Slow Bros, and it’ll be arriving on PS5 and PS4 sometime in early 2024.

The term ‘handmade’ might sound odd when it comes to a video game, but it’s clear once you see the trailer what is meant by that.

It’s a stop-motion animated game where every aspect has been hand-crafted by the development team, where you play as Harold, 250 years after humans crashed on an alien planet in an attempt to leave an Earth on the brink of cold war.

Harold’s a lab assistant to the ship’s lead scientist, and the plan for the last 250 years has been to try and find a way to fix the ship, get off the world they crashed on and find a permanent home.

Mainly due to the fact that the ship crashed not just on an alien planet, but it’s submerged in an alien ocean.

You can check out the latest trailer for Harold Halibut for yourself, below.

Source – [Slow Bros]