Haze PC and Xbox 360 cancelled

Haze is now a permanent PlayStation 3 exclusive.

In May 2007, Ubisoft had announced that the title would lead on PS3 in 2007, followed by an Xbox 360 and PC release in 2008.

However, recent rumors suggested that the 360 version had been dropped. In fact, both the 360 version and PC versions have been officially cancelled. Ubisoft said that no other versions are in development, and only the PS3 version is being worked on.

The Free Radical site, the Official Haze site and Ubisoft’s corporate site all now only list the PS3 version.

The title is set for release on PS3 in November 2007.

Haze is set in the year 2048 in a world where military operations are dominated by multiple Governments and Private Military Corporations, and you play a newly enlisted soldier seeking fulfillment and excitement by fighting for a good cause.

Source: GameSpot