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HBO Has Confirmed The Last Of Us Will Return For Season Two, And It’ll Begin To Cover The Last Of Us Part II

HBO has confirmed that The Last Of Us will have a season two, and what’s more is that Neil Druckmann has already re-enforced what he’s said before in regards to the show going outside the lines of the game’s story.

“I don’t like filler,” is what showrunner Craig Mazin has been quoted as saying. Druckmann agrees, and neither of them have the intention of trying to tell a completely new story outside the games.

So it follows that if season one will cover the entire story of the first game, then season two will continue with The Last Of Us Part II. Druckmann has so much as confirmed that in a tweet that went along with the news of season two.

It’s exciting to know that after the rest of season one airs, there will still be more to come, but for those players that know what’s coming right away at the beginning of Part II, an anxious curiosity exists.

Both in how that part of the show will be executed, and how fans of the show who’ve yet to play the games will take it.

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