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HBO’s The Last Of Us Premiere’s January 2023

PlayStation’s focus on adapting its biggest IP’s into films and tv shows has been met mostly with caution, though one property has been able to get more fans excited than any, and we finally know when it’ll premiere.

HBO’s The Last Of Us will first air on January 15, 2023, it was announced on Tuesday.

The announcement came with a brand new poster for the show, with Ellie and Joel off in the distance walking through a city.

HBO’s reputation immediately made players and non-players look more closely at this adaptation than any other we’ve seen come to fruition, and that list currently begins and ends with the Uncharted film.

PlayStation’s biggest issue with its adaptations so far has been that while more than a few have been announced, we’ve yet to see most of them actually see the light of day.

The Last Of Us has the chance to be the adaptation that turns skeptics around, and helps to get everyone excited for whatever comes next, even though they’re not all HBO shows.

We’ll see how players react when the first episode releases this January.

Source – [HBO]