Heads won’t roll in PS4 zombie MMO H1Z1

Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that it will rein back the gore effects in its upcoming zombie-themed massively multiplayer online game, H1Z1.

In a Reddit debate about dismemberment, Sony President John Smedley said that the development team “have elected not to go with dismemberment. This was a hotly debated topic on the team. It’s obvious though that while some people love it others hate it.”

H1Z1 is set in the United States amidst a zombie apocalypse in which players will need to gather resources to create weapons and shelters to defend themselves and survive. Due for release on Windows and PS4 later this year, H1Z1 will feature a crafting mechanic where players can create items and weapons, such as machetes.

Slicing the heads of zombies has been a staple of the zombie movie genre for many years and videogames too haven’t shied away from chopping the heads of the undead, the most recent example being in the post-apocalyptic adventure The Last Of Us.

Nevertheless, with the likes of traps, guns, knives and fire all confirmed, we’re sure they’ll be plenty of ways to have fun killing zombies. No release date for H1Z1 just yet, but we’d expect it to feature heavily at E3 in June. There’s also a pre-alpha phase due to kick off on STEAM in May. Bring on the undead!