Heavenly Sword 2 in the works?

Could Ninja Theory’s highly anticipated title, Heavenly Sword, already demand staying power? Well, according to commentary by chief designer, Nina Kristensen, this may be the case.

Nina told reporters at CVG that, "We’d certainly like to do the sequel with Sony but nothing’s been set in stone… we’re looking to expand and do new things but certainly we want to continue the Heavenly Sword franchise."

Even though the decision is ultimately up to Sony, knowing that the development team enjoyed the title that much is big bargining chip. With four years of development and passion backing the title, the franchise should be nothing short of stellar.

In closing, CVG asked if there were any sequel ideas circulating…

"Yes and we can’t talk about them!"

Stay tuned to PSU for more information and the review of Heavenly Sword.

Source: CVG