Heavenly Sword surpasses one million mark

When Heavenly Sword hit store shelves last September, it arrived to rather mixed critical reception (for a AAA title). Many cited the game’s six-hour length as its downfall, though we believe the remarkable cinematic presentation and production values of the title more than compensated. Regardless, Heavenly Sword has overcome its short stigma and achieved platinum status.

Ninja Theory employees celebrate their 1,000,000 unit title

In comparison to Ninja Theory’s first title, Kung Fu Chaos, which pushed a mere 10,000 units, a million-seller is quite the accomplishment. With these sales, a Heavenly Sword sequel becomes a financially realistic option for Ninja Theory. Still, regardless whether or not their next game turns out to be Heavenly Sword 2 or an entirely original IP, here’s hoping it sports a little more longevity than its predecessor.