Heavy Rain PS4 won’t drain your wallet, will cost just £7.99 if you already own Beyond: Two Souls

If you have already purchased the PlayStation 4 version of Beyond: Two Souls then the forthcoming Heavy Rain PS4 remaster will be available at the discounted price of £7.99 when it releases next month.

The confirmation comes from the official PlayStation Store.

Set to arrive on March 4, Heavy Rain on PS4, much like Beyond: Two Souls before it, will feature 1080p visuals and a smattering of other visual improvements over the PS3 original. For folks who have yet to purchase Beyond: Two Souls, it isn’t clear yet how much they can expect to pay for Heavy Rain on PS4, though a digital bundle containing the two games will retail for £34.99, while a physical pairing of the two games will sell for £29.99.


In case you missed our review of Beyond: Two Souls on PS4, we enjoyed it, citing the visual improvements and additional extras over the PS3 version of the game. Elsewhere, Heavy Rain released back in 2010 where we bestowed a hefty 9/10 score on the game in our review, praising the visuals and interesting characters.

Finally looking further afield, David Cage, the creator of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, has a new game in the works for PS4 called Detroit and it centers on an android who desires to be human in a world that forcefully segregates human and machine. A release date for Detroit has yet to be announced.