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Helldivers 2 Players Failed To Unlock New Strategem As The Second Galactic War Begins

Arrowhead Game Studios has revealed that Helldivers 2 players didn’t quite managed to complete a recent community challenge that would have given them access the Anti-Tank Mines Stratagem.

Players had to vanquish two billion Automatons in five days to acquire the new Stratagem, although despite doing their best, the community managed to get 78% of the way to wards achieving their goal. As such, Arrowhead isn’t giving up the Anti-Tank Mines Stratagem just yet.

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After five days of intense decommissioning of Automatons into scrap metal for use in advanced anti-tank mines, the Helldivers came 78% towards the stated goal of 2 billion dead bots. This means that the new stratagem will continue to elude the Helldiver arsenal for now…

Now, Helldivers 2 players are scrutinising a new statement that talks about The Second Galactic War, and that everything up to this point “was merely an elaborate special operation.”

New recruits are being trained to bolster the ranks of SEAF, and the Helldivers are tasked with guarding these training facilities so that each recruit can be given their rigorous 72 hour basic training.

Arrowhead’s CEO recently said on Discord that he hopes the game will remain active forever, even if the studio eventually has to move on to something else.