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Helldivers 2 Receives Over 200,000 Positive Steam Reviews As Sony Backtracks On PSN Requirement

The Steam version of Helldivers 2 has been inundated with positive reviews following Sony’s decision to backtrack on its plans to have PC users create a PSN account in order to play the game.

The format holder announced that it would no longer require Helldivers 2 Steam users to create a PSN account yesterday, which came following a huge backlash from players that saw nearly 300,000 negative reviews hit the game’s Steam page.

Furthermore, Arrowhead Game Studios’ CEO, Johan Pilestedt, issued an apology to players after Sony made its initial announcement, and Helldivers 2 was removed from sale on Steam in over 170 different regions as a result of players having to create a PSN account to play on PC.

However, in wake of the Sony scrapping the PSN requirement, Helldivers 2 has seen over 200,000 positive reviews on its Steam page in just one day. In case you missed it, here’s Sony’s official blurb on its decision regarding PSN:

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Helldivers fans — we’ve heard your feedback on the Helldivers 2 account linking update. The May 6 update, which would have required Steam and PlayStation Network account linking for new players and for current players beginning May 30, will not be moving forward.

Helldivers 2 was released in February 2024 for PC and PS5, and has continued to sell strongly since launch despite some initial hiccups. Last week, Circana revealed that the bug-blasting epic was still the best-selling premium game of 2024 year-to-date.

[Source – Insider Gaming]