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Valve Is Reportedly Working On A Hero-Shooter Called “Deadlock”

Depending on when you were born, and when you started playing games, you might know Valve as a game developer who mainly runs Steam, or, you know Valve as the company that runs Steam and made the Steam Deck.

Valve’s status as a developer has always been legendary, with iconic, industry-shaping games like Half-Life (1+2), Portal (1+2), Team Fortress 2, Left4Dead, and Counter Strike. But it’s not very often we hear of a new game coming from Valve, and YouTuber Tyler McVicker reports that there is one coming.

Deadlock is reportedly the name of this coming game, which is said to be a hero-shooter akin to Overwatch. According to McVicker, there are “hundreds” of players currently in a closed-alpha, playing Deadlock right now.

Beyond McVicker’s video, Twitter user gabefollower has published what they claim are photos of Deadlock, revealing the game is going to be a third-person shooter, and the post even includes a photo of one of the game’s heroes, Grey Talon.

It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes now for any official wording from Valve to appear regarding Deadlock, and if it’ll soon be ready for release, and on which platforms.

Source – [Twitter, Tyler McVicker via IGN]