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Helldivers 2 Sales In The US Have Now Gone Up Three Weeks In A Row Since Release

Helldivers 2 is the second surprise hit of 2024, a game that many fans had reasonable to high expectations for, and a lot of players didn’t know they were going to love until it was here.

It’s success has been an incredible story, and another part of that story comes from Circana executive director and analyst Mat Piscatella who reported that the games sales have gone up again in its third week on market, and went further to call it an “inverse decay curve.”

Piscatella continues in follow-up tweets explaining that he calls it an ‘inverse decay curve’ because of the nature of the sales still increasing three weeks on. A very rare occurrence where just saying that it’s sales are growing isn’t enough.

“Normally, sales are biggest for a new release during week 1, and fall over time. With an ‘inverse decay curve’ the trend reverse. It’s rare, particularly for bigger games.

Just saying ‘growth’ doesn’t explain the nature – as ‘growth’ could be temporary, ie from discounting. Using the term ‘inverse decay curve’ denotes that baseline sales are improving, unrelated to short-term things that can impact incremental demand.”

It continues to be uplifting to see Arrowhead experience this kind of success for a game that PSU and the rest of the industry agrees is not one to miss.

Source – [Mat Piscatella on Twitter]