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Helldivers 2’s Original Pitch Was Based On A Classic Star Wars Moment As Director Says ‘We Are The Baddies’

Speaking at the Nordic Game conference in Sweden, Johan Pilestedt, the game director on Helldivers 2, shared the original pitch for the hugely popular co-op shooter, which he admits players were originally “put in the shoes of ‘evil side’ grunts of pop culture,” having been inspired by a classic moment from Star Wars.

“We wanted to do a realistic take on what it would be to be in one of those squads of stormtroopers,” before mentioning the scene in Star Wars: A New Hope where the Stormtrooper steps into the Death Star’s cell block — “he, of course, gets shot in the chest by Han Solo. And that’s the question: Would you do better climbing into that room trying to capture the bad guys that are trying to take over your lovely Death Star?”

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The Star Wars inspiration is interesting, although there’s obviously something else that’s undeniable about Helldivers 2 that it was proudly on its sleeves, and that’s Starship Troopers. In fact, Casper Van Dien, who portrayed Johnny Rico in the film, described Arrowhead Game Studios’ title as ‘such a tribute‘ to the classic sci-fi franchise.

[Source – Games Radar]