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Hello Games Confirms It’s Re-running All This Year’s Limited-Time No Man’s Sky Expeditions

No Man’s Sky creator Hello Games has revealed that the studio is re-running all of the game’s expeditions from this year across the holiday season.

Kicking things off is the Utopia Expedition, which originally launched back in February. This sees players teaming up to rebuild an abandoned solar system for the Utopia Foundation, which requires Travellers with a new robotic drone companion, a new ship type, and the Fearsome Visor helmet. You can revise the Utopia Expedition until December 15.

Singularity meanwhile will return for another between December 15 — 22, and sees players investigating robot heads delivering cryptic clues across the galaxy, and rewards with goodies such as a robotic character customisation set.

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Later on in the month, No Man’s Sky’s Cartographer Expedition will be running from December 22 — 29, which rewards Jetpack Bubble Trail, Feasting Casque, Exotic Wingpack, Streamlined Jetpack, and Golden Vector starship. This will wrap up between December 29 — January 9 with the Voyagers Expedition, which is an exploration-based affair that sees you attempting to catalogue the marvels of the universe, and rewards items including the electric-themed jetpack trial cosmetic for your Exosuit, posters, a mechanical pawl, and the HoverDroid companion.

Hello Games announced its brand new title, Light No Fire, at The Game Awards 2023 last Thursday.