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Hellpoint Update 1.04 Patch Notes Revealed, Fixes Enemy Health Bars And Interface Laser

Developer Cradle Games has unlashed the Hellpoint update 1.04 patch notes, which comes packing a number of major bug fixes and is now available for the PS4 following its PC debut earlier in the week.

Hellpoint Update 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Fixed the issue with enemies having empty health bars while being still alive in co-op mode
  • Fixed the guest receiving “invisible attacks” in co-op mode
  • The host can now kick the guest in co-op mode using the “Disconnect” option in the Online tab
  • A lot of items can now be dismantled
  • Fixed the Ghost having overly powerful stats in New Game +
  • Fixed Interface having an “exploitable” floor pattern
  • Fixed Interface laser being blocked by its arms
  • Fixed Interface laser dealing “one-shot” damage instead of damage over time
  • Added a floating platform to the Sentient fight (co-op)
  • Fixed the quest reward for Ozyormy Goija, added a missing catalyst to the world
  • Tweaked the “wall” firing mode of the Channelers
  • Changed when the Council opens Nemundis’ gate when turning in 150% quest, so it doesn’t stay closed
  • Fixed a stuck Horde in Arisen Palace
  • Online sample rate is now 30 instead of 100, which should prevent buffer overflow
  • Fixed a Ring Puzzle fog gate not opening properly
  • Fixed an exploit involving the Omnicube Transposition program
  • Clamped the energy cost reduction from the Firearm Conductor
  • Increased the Dagger and Shard hitbox reach
  • Tweaked some Twitch integration vote options
  • Optimized the main processor cost of the axion visual effects