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Hideo Kojima Is Using Epic’s Metahuman For Characters In Death Stranding 2

Death Stranding 2’s trailer was arguably one of the most dramatic announcements during the Game Awards 2022, even though it too fell into the category of a “world premiere” that had been leaked multiple times before.

But it’s a small detail towards the end that points to an interesting collaboration between tech and engines, and could potentially be something we see more of in the future, as the characters in Death Stranding 2 will be powered by Epic’s new Metahumans technology.

At 3:25 in the trailer, if you look in the bottom right corner, the fine print reads “Powered by Metahuman,” which is a new product from Epic that works with Unreal Engine V.

The game is also being developed using Guerilla Games own DECIMA engine, so this collaboration between the two is significant, as the current FAQ for Metahuman lists that characters must be rendered in Unreal Engine, as they’re only licensed for use in Unreal.

Hopefully we’ll be able to learn more of the details in this relationship soon, and if a special agreement has been reached in this case, or if this is something we’ll see more often across different engines and studios.

Source – [Kojima Productions via TwistedVoxel]