Hilarious video: What it’s like being a bad guy in Uncharted

One of the biggest plot holes in our beloved Uncharted series is just how much of a mass murderer Nathan Drake is. He goes from sweet talking Elena, Chloe, or even Chase (Golden Abyss), to happily making sarcastic comments and partaking in witty banter with Sully—something only the most deranged serial killers would be capable of.

But what’s even weirder is Nate’s immunity to bullets, fall damage, and explosions. I mean, we love him for it, but jeez, have you ever thought “holy crap, what would it feel like if I wasn’t on this guy’s team?”

YouTube users—and all around comedians—fatawesomefilms not only thought about that same thing, but made a rather hilarious video showing you exactly what fighting Nathan Drake in real life would be like. Take a look.

Via: Kotaku, YouTube