Hirai admits PS3’s first year was "difficult"

Sony Computer Entertainment President Kazuo Hirai has conceded that the PlayStation 3 experienced a somewhat “difficult” first year on the market, and acknowledged consumers were disappointed with the choice of software available.

Speaking at the company’s PlayStation Day event in London yesterday evening, Hirai commented, "It’s fair to say that the first year of PlayStation 3 was somewhat a difficult one.”

“There were some teething problems, success from our competitors, and our customers were a little underwhelmed by the range of titles that were available."

"This was something that we were very much aware of, and something that we were confident we could over come," he added.

He also acknowledged the disappointment among consumers over the delay of online social networking space, PlayStation Home, but again reiterated the application would not be made available until he was completely happy with it.

"I realise this announcement was disappointing to many people, from TGS where we were aiming for a spring launch, so please accept my apologies for this delay,” offered Hirai.

"But as I said at Tokyo Game Show, I would not open up Home until I was completely happy with it, and I still stand by that statement.”

"We’ve been testing Home for some time and I simply feel that as great as Home currently is, it needs a little bit more time before it’s ready for the wider public – something we firmly believe we can provide in the autumn," he said.