E3 2009 News

Hirai: Sony had ‘no choice’ but to include Blu-ray in PS3

Global PlayStation chief Kazuo Hirai has claimed that Sony was left with ‘no other choice’ than to outfit the PlayStation 3 with Blu-ray functionality.

Speaking to The Guardian at E3 last week, Hirai stated, “Purely from a gaming standpoint there was no other choice for us,” adding, “Why? The capacity of the disc. Last year’s Metal Gear Solid 4 was pushing 50GB as it was. If it was on DVD it would have been a 6 disc set.”

Unsurprisingly, the executive dismissed the possibility of having multiple discs, describing it as ‘hugely inconvenient’ for punters: “The packaging and cost would have been prohibitive and it would have been hugely inconvenient to consumers,” he explained.

“So from a gaming standpoint there was really no choice if you wanted a high definition gaming experience.”