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Hitman 2 December Roadmap Reveals an Array of New Content

Hitman 2 December Roadmap

IO interactive has plenty in store for fans of gruff-voiced protagonist Agent 47 this month, judging by the Hitman 2 December roadmap published yesterday.

“Each week, you’ll be able to play something fresh and new” reads the post, “including a holiday surprise!”

Hitman 2 December Roadmap – New Escalation Contracts and the Next Elusive Target

The first slice of new content, five featured contracts, arrives on the 6th December. Originally created by the Hitman community, each has been hand selected by IO and added to the game so that everyone can enjoy them at their leisure.

They’re themed, too. December’s being ‘Occupational Hazards’ – i.e. all five contracts revolve around “jobs, occupations and professions.” January’s theme will be revealed later this month.

Following the featured contracts on the 13th December, meanwhile, will be the Aelwin Augment: a new Escalation contract set on the windswept Isle of Sgail. And will be joined two weeks later by yet another; this one, like the first, taking place in Santa Fortuna.

Additionally, IO will be introducing the game’s second Elusive Target on the 21st. Available for ten days, players who manage to successfully off 47’s next unfortunate victim will receive the Casual Tourist suit as a reward.

While, as an added bonus and in an effort to get players in the mood for Christmas, IO will be releasing a special, limited-time holiday surprise on the 18th. We’re not sure what it entails exactly, but we have no doubt it’ll be a real treat.

Hitman 2 Prologue Free on PS4

If you’ve yet to try Hitman 2, we’d heartily recommend it.

I was fortunate enough to review IO Interactive’s latest sandbox masterpiece for PSU a few weeks’ back and had a whale of a time.

But don’t just take my word for it: the Hitman 2 prologue, Hawke’s Bay, can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for absolutely nothing right now. What have you got to lose?