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Hitman 2 Hires Hollywood Film Star For First Elusive Target

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IO Interactive has confirmed that the first Elusive Target mission for Hitman 2 will be none other than Hollywood actor, Sean Bean. Of course, he won’t be playing himself, but he will be taking on the role of a former MI5 agent called Mark Faba.

Faba is now a freelance assassin known as “The Undying” due to his ability to fake his own death (multiple times). He now has a bounty on his head, issued by the International Contract Agency (ICA).

Speaking about this role, IO Interactive said:

“We’re very excited to partner with the talented Sean Bean on the first Elusive Target mission in HITMAN 2.” Elusive Targets have become a distinguishing trait in Hitman games as part of the constant stream of free live content for all players to enjoy.

This new mission starring Sean Bean is one of many updates, features, modes and franchise firsts coming to HITMAN 2, making the next chapter in our ever-expanding world of assassination a richer game for our passionate community and newcomers to the series.”

Want to see Mr Bean in action? Check out the live action trailer.

In other Hitman 2 news, IO Interactive recently announced Ghost Mode.

“Ghost mode pits two players against one another in a race to assassinate the same targets in a series of nerve-jangling rounds. Each kill is worth a single point, with the first player to score five claiming ultimate victory.”

Hitman 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on November 13, 2018.