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Hitman 2 March Roadmap Reveals New Sniper Assassin Map, Elusive Targets

Hitman 2 March Roadmap 01

Io Interactive has released its Hitman 2 March roadmap, revealing a raft of new content for budding ICA agents to sink their teeth into over the coming weeks.

The headline act is undoubtedly a brand-new map for the game’s addictive Sniper Assassin mode (exclusive to Season Pass owners) and the arrival of not one but two Elusive Targets.

Elusive Targets

Excitingly, the new content begins rolling out today in the form of the month’s first Elusive Target, Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating.

Known as The Politician, the big twist here is that Dame Babs has a body double. Now, players won’t fail the mission should they accidentally eliminate the decoy during the execution of their mission, however, as with any other mission, their score will take a substantial hit.

The Politician is available in the Hawke’s Bay map from today until the 18th.

Arriving at the very end of the Month, the 29th to be exact, and available for 10 days thereafter, the second Elusive Target is The Black Hat – a fan favourite from Hitman Season 1.

A Legacy contract set within the opulent surroundings of Paris map, successfully eliminating The Black Hat will reward players with the Tuxedo with Gloves suit.

Hitman 2 March Roadmap 02
Hitman 2 March Roadmap – Sniper Assassin

Available to anyone who already owns either the Hitman 2 Season Pass or Expansion Pack 1, the highlight of the March update for many will be the arrival of a brand-new map in Sniper Assassin.

Featuring another trio of unfortunate individuals for 47 to off, the mode’s as yet unnamed second map also boasts numerous challenges and a separate online leaderboard.

The new map is scheduled to release on the 26th, with developer IO Interactive promising to reveal additional details over the coming days.

March Update, Featured Contracts, and More

Alongside the headline acts mentioned above, this month has plenty more in store for the Hitman 2 player base.

A new Challenge Pack, The Butler Did It, releases on the 14th and tasks players with completing a further six challenges on the stormy Isle of Sgail… while dressed as a traditional, sour-faced butler.

While exactly one week later, Featured Contracts gets a brand-new theme. This one, titled Murphy’s Luck, celebrates St. Patrick; patron saint of barflies the world over.

Rounding out the month is a game-wide update on the 26th (details of which will be revealed at a later date). Followed by new Escalation Contract set within the sweltering Santa Fortuna map on the 28th.

All in all, March looks set to be a bumper month for those of us still playing, and thoroughly enjoying, Hitman 2.

Source: IO Interactive