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Hitman 3 Update 1.19 Patch Notes Revealed, Brings Retro Agent 47 Skin, New Challenge & More

IO Interactive has stealthily dropped off a list of Hitman 3 update 1.19 patch notes for you to scrutinise to your heart’s content, which brings support for a new retro-inspired Agent 47 skin, a new challenge, and various bug fixes.

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Codename 47 Challenge Pack: Unlock The Codename 47 Suit

The Fashion of yesterday always comes back in style! Visit various locations in the World of Assassination whilst fulfilling various challenges to unlock the Retro Codename 47 Suit.

New Elusive Target: The Drop feat. Superstar DJ Dimitri Vegas

A brand-new Elusive Target mission for HITMAN World of Assassination featuring international superstar DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas.

Dimitri Vegas will take on the role of “The Drop” – a DJ-turned-drug impresario bent on controlling the scene one way or another. Your objective is to eliminate The Drop, but you will only have one chance in this limited-time mission.

By starting this limited-time mission, you’ll be rewarded with the stylish Greek Fire Suit.

New Challenge: A Nightmare in Hawkes Bay

Frighten your friends with this delightful Halloween outfit, featuring a sturdy and elegant trench coat and an amazing lifelike Jack-O-Lantern mask.

To unlock this seasonal suit, you’ll need to sharpen your skills with the Bat Shuriken to complete this brand-new challenge.


Sony DualSense® & DualSense Edge™ Controller
The Sony DualSense & DualSense Edge controller is now supported on the PC platforms, both bluetooth and wired connection. Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers feature isn’t supported.


Dartmoor ledges
Agent 47 was experiencing bouts of acrophobia on the upper Dartmoor balconies which led to some inaccessible ledges. He has overcome his fears and should now be able to access these ledges.

Invisible assassin
Agent 47 was able to turn completely invisible whilst vaulting in certain areas of the Freedom Fighters mission. His powers have now been restrained and this should no longer occur.

Unlimited power
Certain puddles were granting infinite electricity when a car battery was placed in a specific location. This should now be fixed.

Send in the gardener
An overgrown vine found its way onto one of the exterior walls of the Art Gallery in Dubai. Caretakers have been alerted and the vine has been removed.

Fall damage
Certain enemies were refusing to be assassinated when pulled down an elevator shaft in Dubai. We have made sure that these enemies will no longer refuse death.

One drink too many
Changing your disguise one too many times would prevent you from serving Whisky in the Dubai penthouse.

Unlimited range distraction
A specific fuse box in Mumbai was distracting enemies at an infinite range. The range of this distraction should now be working as intended.

A new kind of poison
Silvio Caruso has been spotted levitating in mid-air before succumbing to lethal poison. He will now correctly pass away in the intended location (without levitating).

The Chair Trap
Agent 47 would occasionally get stuck inside a chair indefinitely within the Chongqing recruitment station. We have made the Chair Trap far less deadly, and Agent 47 should no longer get stuck inside it.

Keep on saving
We have fixed an issue for PC Steam players, where the save indicator was constantly showing. Thanks to the community for providing info that helped the dev team solve this. We are still investigating a potentially similar issue on PS5.

Latin ain’t easy
Player Badge “Malum Necessarium” now with correct Latin translation.

Duck season is over
Sunset Rubber Duck detonator prompt now has the correct description.

Pineapple cocktails are back on the menu
Pineapples no longer clips through shelves in Berlin.

Teleporting Ghost
Agent 47 no longer teleports to a floating chair after skipping the Frangipani mission intro.


  • Sarajevo Six missions can now be accessed via the Destinations menu whilst in offline mode.
  • Added subtitles to briefings and dialogue in Simplified Chinese.
  • Various voice lines that were triggering incorrectly have been fixed.
  • You will now be able to save the game during Sarajevo Six missions.
  • Sarajevo Six missions can now be played in offline mode on Epic Games Store.