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Hitman 3 Will Be Known As Hitman World Of Assassination From Jan. 26, Hitman 1 & 2 Free For Existing Hitman 3 Owners

IO Interactive has announced that Hitman 3 will be known as Hitman World of Assassination as of January 26, 2023, which allows access to Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 through the existing Access Pass System.

In addition, the studio confirmed that existing Hitman 3 owners will receive a free upgrade to the Hitman World of Assassination on all platforms. Furthermore, Hitman World of Assassination will be the ‘single available option to start playing,| IO said.

We’re approaching these changes with a no compromises approach. We want to make absolutely sure that the experience of entering or enjoying the World of Assassination is simple and straightforward.

Let’s break it down. We’re streamlining the (many) offerings currently on the stores down to two products. These will replace existing ways to buy HITMAN 1, HITMAN 2 or HITMAN 3.

  • HITMAN – World of Assassination (approx. $70 USD or local equivalent)

Includes: HITMAN 3, plus H1 GOTY Access Pass and H2 Standard Access Pass.

  • HITMAN – World of Assassination Deluxe Pack (approx. $30 USD or local equivalent)

Includes: H3 Deluxe Pack, H3 Seven Deadly Sins Collection and H2 Expansion Access Pass

As a result of these changes, IO Interactive has said that all new players and exciting Hitman 3 owners will have this same base content ownership. Any confusion about what edition to purchase has been eliminated, as is any confusion about what content you own, how to redeem legacy packs or important locations.