Hitman will receive all episodes by the ‘end of summer 2016’

The developer behind Hitman has confirmed that it will release a new episode for Agent 47’s latest neck-snapping, stealth-based adventure each month, with all seven episodes turning up “by the end of summer.”

IO Interactive confirmed its plans over Twitter, where it hinted the final chapter of Hitman could see a release in September 2016. 

Hitman’s next episode will arrive in April and introduces a new Italian-based sandbox to play around in as you track down your next target. Following this will be Morocco in May, with missions set in Thailand, Japan and North America rounding out the experience. 

Those of you who purchased the Hitman Intro Pack can expect to pay £7.99 per episode, while gamers who put down cash for the Full Experience package will receive each new chapter as they become available at no additional cost. 

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