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Hogwarts Legacy Data-Miners Discover Cut Content Revealing A Morality/Reputation System

Hogwarts Legacy received plenty of criticism for a variety of reasons on launch, but one which can’t be patched out is that your decisions in the game, good or bad, feel meaningless.

That’s because there’s seemingly no repercussions for doing anything evil, such as say, using the killing curse on a fellow classmate. However it does at least appear that the team at Avalanche Software had thought about these things.

A video from YouTuber and data miner GrandTheftDiamonds shows a number of files which refer to a number of mechanics that didn’t make it into the final game, such as a morality/reputation system which would be marked by House Points.

You’d lose house points for committing evil actions like using the killing curse or any other of the two forbidden curses. There was even an option to attend your classes regularly, outside of when you’re required to for any mission.

You would also be able to behave how you like in class, whether you wanted to be the popular, funny one in class, or be lazy, or just keep you head down and strive for top marks.

That extended further to include more interactions with classmates, like either choosing to step in when someone is getting bullied or to be the bully yourself.

The video also shows files that reveal a slew of cut spells from the game, a couple of companions, and other cut activities like being able to commit crimes and get drunk. Not necessarily both those things together though.

Even without all those activities, just having a morality system of some kind could have dramatically changed the players experience, and helped immerse them more in the Wizarding World that we’ve all come to know.

You know, the one where you likely wouldn’t still be considered a model student, or even a Hogwarts student, if you used any of the unforgiveable curses on a classmate, never mind kill them.

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