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Hogwarts Legacy Delayed, Will Now Arrive In February 2023

Wizarding World fans will have to wait a little longer to dive in Hogwarts Legacy, as it has once again been delayed, this time finally pushing the game into next year, with a February 10, 2023 release date.

Though this isn’t the first time that Hogwarts Legacy has been pushed back, previously it had only been pushed out of release windows – never from a specific release date.

So this time could very well be the last time we see it delayed, now that we’re finally getting a specific date.

Developer Avalanche Software also pointed out in its announcement that the February date isn’t for all platforms, any Nintendo Switch players will have to wait a little longer until it launches at a currently unknown time.

Without the added pressure of hitting all platforms by February, and this added development time, hopefully it’ll be the last delay we see for Hogwarts Legacy.

You can check out Avalanche’s statement on the delay, which was just a small tweet posted to the game’s official Twitter page for yourself, here.

Source – [Avalanche Software]