Home plans revealed for Uncharted, Warhawk

Details have come to light in regards to how Sony is planning on integrating its forthcoming online social platform, PlayStation Home, into a number of its first party titles for the PlayStation 3.
According to Kotaku, the company is looking at prospects for three major titles: Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and the online multiplayer title, Warhawk.

First and foremost, Resistance will supposedly allow gamers to explore an “interesting room” where you will be able to intercept UK-US transmissions allowing you to visit previously unreleased locations that didn’t make it into the final product.

Uncharted, meanwhile, will allow you to explore various locations without fear of attack; however, the main attraction featured in Naughty Dog’s contributions to Home comes in the form of a 2D arcade title. Described as being reminiscent of both Contra and Out of This World, the game features a healthy dose of enemies and exploding barrels for players to blast their way through in the classic side-scrolling mold.

Finally, Warhawk will allow players to join a pre-game briefing room, displaying a fully 3D map of the battlefield, enabling users to plan out key strategic points by placing markers on the map itself.

Stay tuned for more coverage on PlayStation Home in the near future.