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Honkai Star Rail Adds New Areas, Characters & More In Update 2.3; Read The Full Patch Notes Here

miHoYo has released a brand new update for Honkai Star Rail that ushers in a heal of new content as part of the ‘Farewell, Penacony’ patch. This includes extra characters and a new area to explore among other highlights. You can read the full details in the Honkai Star Rail update 2.3 patch notes below.

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Version Update Details

1. New Areas

■ The Radiant Feldspar

A luxurious airship sails across the seas of memory between the Twelve Hours within the Penacony’s dreamscape. Only guests who receive a direct invitation can board it.

2. New Characters

■ 5-Star character Firefly (Destruction: Fire)

Firefly is a damage dealer who fights using her mech armor, SAM. By activating her Ultimate, she enters the Complete Combustion state, enhancing her abilities. In this state, SAM has increased Break capabilities and Break DMG, and can also deal a partial Toughness Reduction to enemies that are not weak to Fire. Additionally, she can apply Fire Weakness to enemies using her Technique or Enhanced Skill.

■ 5-Star character Jade (Erudition: Quantum)

Jade is a damage dealer who can designate a single ally as a Debt Collector. By attacking enemy targets, either through herself or the Debt Collector, she gains Charges, which trigger follow-up attacks. When Jade activates her Talent’s follow-up attack, she immediately gains stackable effects that increase her CRIT DMG and ATK.

3. New Light Cones

■ 5-Star “Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest (Destruction)”

Obtainable through the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Event Warp.

■ 5-Star “Yet Hope Is Priceless (Erudition)”

Obtainable through the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Event Warp.

■ 5-Star “Eternal Calculus (Erudition)”

Redeemable through Herta’s Store.

■ 4-star “After the Charmony Fall (Erudition)”

Obtainable through the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Event Warp.

4. New Story

■ Trailblaze Mission “Penacony — Farewell, Penacony”

The trailblazing expedition of Penacony has come to a wonderful conclusion. It’s time to stride forward to the next destination — but before moving on, let’s bid a formal farewell to the white night behind you.

Availability: Permanently available after the Version 2.3 update

Unlock Conditions: Complete the Trailblaze Mission “Penacony — And on the Eighth Day”

5. New Events

■ Origami Bird Clash

Lookie here! An invitation to beta test Origami Bird Clash? The sender is The Family, so it shouldn’t be a scam, right…?

Event Period: 2024/06/21 12:00:00 – 2024/07/29 03:59:00 (server time)

Participation Requirement: Complete the Trailblaze Mission “Penacony — Stranger in a Strange Land”

■ Stellar Shimmer

The space station researcher, Grumpy, is conducting a mysterious test. This time, she has brought along her partner and has come to you, hoping for your assistance…

Event Period: 2024/07/05 12:00:00 – 2024/07/29 03:59:00 (server time)

Requirement: Trailblaze Level ≥ 21

■ When Charmony Rings Out…

After completing specific missions, immediately obtain Trailblazer (Harmony: Imaginary). If Trailblazer (Harmony: Imaginary) have already been unlocked, obtain Shadow of Harmony ×1 instead.

Availability: Permanently available after the Version 2.3 update

Requirements: Complete Trailblaze Mission “Jarilo-VI — The Return”

■ Gift of Odyssey

Log in every day during the event to obtain check-in rewards. Trailblazers can claim Star Rail Special Pass ×10 after checking in for 7 days!

※ Please refer to future announcements for information on other events.

6. Others

■ Enemies

“Past Confined and Caged” (Bug), “Tomorrow in Harmonious Chords” (Bug), “Present Inebriated in Revelry” (Bug), The Past, Present, and Eternal Show (Complete), Stellaron Hunter: Sam (Complete), Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine (Complete), Cirrus (Complete), Annihilator of Desolation Mistral, Silver Knight of Virtuous Gallantry

■ Gameplay

●Divergent Universe: The Human Comedy

Aside from the Simulated Universe, Screwllum has also created a new branch to the project. As the project’s first standalone issue, the extrapolation this time concerns the “human world” beneath the stars.

Availability: Permanently available after the Version 2.3 update

Unlock Conditions: Clear Simulated Universe: World 3

●Apocalyptic Shadow

Dr. Edward has struck a deal with a member of the mysterious Creed Exequy… They wish to seek traces of the shapeless prince in the experiences of your deadly struggles.

Availability: Permanently available after the Version 2.3 update

Participation Requirement: Equilibrium Level 3 or above

After you clear Apocalyptic Shadow’s Difficulty 2 for the first time, you can claim the character Xueyi (Destruction: Quantum), Stellar Jades ×300, and Self-Modeling Resin ×1 as rewards.

●Regular game modes Apocalyptic Shadow, Pure Fiction, and Forgotten Hall: Memory of Chaos will be refreshed alternatively. For more details, see below:

Apocalyptic Shadow: Stormwind Knight

After the Version 2.3 update – 2024/08/05 04:00:00 (server time)

When an enemy with Steadfast Safeguard is Weakness Broken, recover Skill Points for all allies and activate their Ultimates.

Increases the Weakness Break DMG received by all enemies by 15% and additionally increases Super Break DMG received by 25%.

Pure Fiction: Out of Thin Air

2024/07/08 04:00:00 – 2024/08/19 04:00:00 (server time)

After an ally attacks an enemy with a follow-up attack, charges Whimsicality based on the number of targets attacked. When charged to 10 points, deal a set amount of DMG to random enemies 10 times.

Memory of Chaos: Dissipation of Dreams

2024/07/22 04:00:00 – 2024/09/02 04:00:00 (server time)

After an ally uses a follow-up attack or Skill to attack, add 1 Hit to Memory Turbulence, up to 10 extra Hits.

At the start of every Cycle, every hit will deal DMG equal to a portion of the target’s Max HP to a random enemy target 1 time.

■ Missions

●Adventure Mission “Checking Out”

■ Stage

●Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Cavalier

Successfully challenging the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Cavalier stage located at Penacony — Penacony Grand Theater will reward you with the brand new Cavern Relic sets “Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge” and “The Wind-Soaring Valorous.”

●Divergent Universe: The Human Comedy

Challenging Divergent Universe: The Human Comedy will reward you with the brand new Planar Ornament sets “Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves” and “Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern.”

●Bud of Erudition: Penacony Grand Theater

Clear the stage to obtain the new Erudition character Trace Materials “Exquisite Colored Draft,” “Dynamic Outlining,” and “Rough Sketch.”

■ Relic

●Planar Ornament “Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves”

●Planar Ornament “Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern”

●Cavern Relic “Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge”

●Cavern Relic “The Wind-Soaring Valorous”

■ Others

●Some photos have been added to the photo wall on March 7th’s room. Trailblazers can check it out after completing the corresponding Trailblaze Missions.

●New pages and collectible stickers have been added to the Dreamscape Pass.

●Adds messages for certain characters. These messages will be sent following the storylines with future version updates.

●Adds the new Finality’s Vision feature. When the Trailblazer’s Trailblaze Level is at 21 or higher, you can use Finality’s Vision to experience some content that you have yet to meet the requirements for, such as Divergent Universe and Apocalyptic Shadow.

●Adds Toughness and Toughness Reduction value display. When the Trailblazer reviews characters’ abilities, you will be able to see the Toughness Reduction of the current ability. When you review Enemy Details, you will see the enemy target’s Toughness (Current Toughness and Max Toughness), and be able to adjust your strategies accordingly.

●Adds the Planar Ornament Extraction feature. Trailblazers can directly challenge the Boss in Divergent Universe with the Save File from their Divergent Universe clear and quickly obtain Planar Ornaments.

●Travel Log icons will be added to events and some content related to game modes in the mission catalog, so Trailblazers can have an easier time finding the missions and participating in a timely manner.

●When an enemy is in the Charge state, the corresponding status prompt will be added to the Action Order.

▌Adjustments and Optimizations

■ Characters and Enemies

●Adjusts the Talent tag of Trailblazer (Harmony: Imaginary) from “Impair” to “Support.”

●Adjusts the Ultimate use logic for Gallagher (Abundance: Fire) during auto-battle in certain circumstances.

■ Combat

●Adjusts the size of the area that the Points module takes up on the screen’s right side during battle.

●Adjusts how the edges of the models are displayed when selecting ally or enemy targets during battle.

●After the enemy “Past Confined and Caged” uses Shackle-Bearing Messenger, the Real-Time Combat View interface will now include a corresponding status description.

■ System

●Adjusts and optimizes the Starlit Homecoming event and optimizes how the Starlit Homecoming event page is displayed. Removes the limit of unlocking 4 stages per day. Adjusts the Returning Trail required for return missions, rewards, and claiming rewards. Missions in Path of Return can now be all completed in one go. Removes the daily attempt limit for the extra double drop rewards from Double Rewards, and increases 4 double drop chances for Cavern Relics and Planar Ornaments.

●Optimizes the display for the Interastral Peace Guide. Any completed Operation Briefing and Tutorials will automatically collapse. Trailblazers can click on the icon to expand the tab’s content.

●After completing prerequisite missions for Divergent Universe, content related to Divergent Universe and Simulated Universe in the Interastral Peace Guide will be combined in a new tag, so Trailblazers can easily check their unlock and clearance progress for the Simulated Universe module.

●Trailblazers on the PC version can use their keyboards to rapidly switch between category tabs and the selected target in the Inventory page.

●Adds other operations regarding character switch in the Forgotten Hall: Memory of Chaos, Apocalyptic Shadow, and Pure Fiction’s Lineup page. Trailblazers can now drag and drop characters to adjust their position in the team. Moreover, when making the team in the aforementioned game modes, Trailblazers can now read from and use their Preset Lineups.

●In the Friend List and Trailblazer Profile interfaces, or when viewing the Friend Clearance Lineup for “Forgotten Hall: Memory of Chaos,” “Apocalyptic Shadow,” or “Pure Fiction,” clicking/tapping on the corresponding character avatar will display a brief version of the character details, including Character Level, Light Cone equipment, Trace Level, Relics, and more.

●The Forgotten Hall: Memory of Chaos, Apocalyptic Shadow, and Pure Fiction modes will yield up to Stellar Jade ×800 and other rewards per phase from Version 2.3 onwards.

●Adjusts the width of the Change Profile Picture page, giving Trailblazers an easier time to scroll up and down to find their desired profile picture.

●After the Version 2.3 update, guiding icons have been added to certain optional missions.

●Adjusts the navigation to obtain the material Lucent Afterglow.

●Optimizes the experience using the mouse or touchscreen to browse the “Simulated Universe: Aeon” and “Achievements” interfaces.

■ Missions

●Adjusts some texts about the Dreamweaver Barlow in the Adventure Mission “Dream Song.”

■ Gameplay

●Adjusts the triggering logic of the Blessings “Candlelight Radiance,” “Back to Life,” and “Empower” in the Simulated Universe game mode. The continuous healing effect of the characters Bailu (Abundance: Lightning), Lynx (Abundance: Quantum), and Natasha (Abundance: Physical)’s abilities can now trigger the effects of the Blessings above.

●Adjusts the labels for the events “Camping in the Snow,” “To Retire Upon the Perch,” and “Turquoise’s Reverie” in the Travel Log interface.

■ Audio

●Adjusts some background music’s behavior during the Trailblaze Mission “Penacony — In Our Time.”

●Adjusts some audio performance.

●Optimizes some English voice lines for the Trailblazer, Boothill (The Hunt: Physical), and Seele (The Hunt: Quantum).

●Optimizes some English dialogue voice lines in the Trailblaze Missions “Penacony” — “Cat Among Pigeons” and “In Our Time.”

●Adds some story Japanese voice lines when obtaining the item “Lost Property.”

●Optimizes some Japanese dialogue voice lines in the Trailblaze Missions “Penacony” — “Cat Among Pigeons” and “In Our Time,” and Trailblaze Continuance “The Xianzhou Luofu” — “A Foxian Tale of the Haunted.”

●Optimizes some Korean voice lines for Boothill (The Hunt: Physical) and Gallagher (Abundance: Fire).

●Optimizes some Korean dialogue voice lines in the Trailblaze Missions “Penacony” — “The Sound and the Fury,” “Cat Among Pigeons,” and “In Our Time,” and “Jarilo-VI” — “Unattainable Idol.”

●Optimizes some Korean dialogue voice lines in the Trailblaze Missions “Scorchsand Vacation.”

●Optimizes some Korean voice lines for the “Interastral Peace Broadcast.”

■ Others

●Adjusts the visuals of the Memoria Singularity in Dreamflux Reef in some graphics settings to optimize environment performance.

●Adjusts the prompt text for “Make public your online status” in the “Settings” – “Socialize” interface.

●Adjusts the visual effects of certain scene animations after completing the gameplay Clockie: Dreamjoy Memoir.

●Adds a new Special Effect Mode in some mobile devices. After turning it on, you can adjust how combat special effects are rendered to reduce device memory usage.

●Real-time shadows have been added in out-of-battle maps when playing on a PlayStation 5 or in certain graphics settings on the PC. Trailblazers can manually choose to turn these shadows on or off in Settings — Graphics Settings — Real-time Character Shadows in Map Exploration.

▌Bug Fixes

■ Characters and Enemies

●Fixes the issue of the dragon whiskers abnormally disappearing in the ability animation when Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae (Destruction: Imaginary) uses his Ultimate, when using the ability “Cloudhymn Roar” in Echo of War: Divine Seed, as well as in some Trailblaze Mission animation sequences.

●Fixes the issue where parts of the text in Acheron (Nihility: Lightning)’s Character Story: Part IV were not in red.

●Fixes the issue where certain sound effects behaved abnormally when Jingliu (Destruction: Ice) entered the Spectral Transmigration state.

●Fixes the issue where the first Super Break DMG Boothill (The Hunt: Physical) deals in combat is abnormal under certain circumstances.

●Fixes the issue where, after the player team uses Taunt-type abilities in battle, the first hit of Bounce-type ability from enemies under the Taunt effect does not target the character who used the Taunt ability.

●Fixes the text error in the status description of the ability “SGE: Molten Core” used by the enemy Stellaron Hunter: Sam in the Real-Time Combat View. The corrected description now reads: “…When they receive healing from sources other than oneself…”

●Fixes the issue where some character’s models and special effects were displayed abnormally.

●Fixes the issue where some enemy abilities’ effects and their descriptions were incorrect. This does not affect the abilities’ actual effect.

●Fixes the issue where the prompt text incorrectly displays “Ignite Stove” when Dreamjolt Troupe’s Beyond Overcooked (Bug) uses its ability “Stove Detonation.”

●Fixes the issue where, under certain circumstances, the enemy Dreamjolt Troupe’s Beyond Overcooked’s animations were abnormal when its Weakness was Broken.

●Fixes the issue where, under certain circumstances, some characters have a chance of entering the wrong map when using their Techniques during exploration.

■ Combat

●Fixes the issue where opening or exiting the Real-Time Combat View interface will cause parts to behave abnormally.

●Fixes the issue where, if enemies are Frozen while Acheron (Nihility: Lightning) uses her Ultimate, the reflections of the enemies are not shown on the water pooling across the ground.

●Fixes the issue where the enemy Memory Zone Meme “Something In The Mirror” refreshes extra Weaknesses after using its ability Mirror Cognition.

●Fixes the issue where, under certain conditions, the Toughness Reduction caused by the character Xueyi (Destruction: Quantum)’s Ultimate is abnormal when battling the enemy “Embryo of Philosophy” Sunday.

●Fixes the issue where, under certain conditions, depleting the enemy’s Toughness while battling “Embryo of Philosophy” Sunday would cause the enemy’s action order to be abnormal.

●Fixes the issue where, under certain conditions, the character Argenti (Erudition: Physical)’s Ultimate icon displays incorrectly, and he could not use his Ultimate “For in This Garden, Supreme Beauty Bestows.”

●Fixes the issue where, under certain circumstances, the player team’s Performance Points effect disappears abnormally, and the quantity obtained is incorrect.

●Fixes the issue where, in the battle against “The Past, Present, and Eternal Show” and “Harmonious Choir” The Great Septimus, the enemy target could not be inflicted with “Thanatoplum Rebloom” under certain circumstances.

■ System

●Fixes the issue where the Achievement “Just a Bug” cannot be completed under specific circumstances.

●Fixes the issue where the Achievement “Ultimate Dance Move!” is triggered abnormally when the requirements were not met.

●Fixes the issue where the Dreamscape Pass Illustrated Stickers “Iris Family Teachings” and “Alfalfa Family Teachings” are placed in the wrong location on the map.

●Fixes the issue where the tutorials “Light Cone Enhancement,” “Space Anchor (I),” and “Diting” cannot be unlocked. After the Version 2.3 update, Trailblazers with this issue can head to the Tutorials page to view these tutorials and receive the Stellar Jade rewards. The relevant entries will be automatically unlocked.

●Fixes the issue where the game progress becomes abnormal after entering the Light Cone details page during some tutorials.

●Fixes the issue where, under certain circumstances, if Boothill (The Hunt: Physical) has 2 stacks of Pocket Trickshot when the battle is won, the Status Effect interface will erroneously display 3 stacks of Pocket Trickshot when returning to exploration.

●Fixes the issue where some Messages cannot be triggered under certain circumstances.

●Fixes the issue where search results sometimes glitched when using UID to search in the Friends system.

●Fixes the issue where Boothill (The Hunt: Physical)’s messages were grouped incorrectly when using the message filter function.

■ Missions

●Fixes the issue where some tutorials do not trigger properly under specific circumstances during the scripted combat in the Trailblaze Mission “Penacony — And on the Eighth Day.”

●Fixes the issue where the camera angle may be locked abnormally during certain missions.

■ Gameplay

●Fixes the issue where the Blessing “Mostly Harmful” did not take effect abnormally in the Simulated Universe.

●Fixes the issue where the trigger count for Additional DMG dealt by the Blessing “The Painted Albatross” behaves abnormally under certain circumstances.

●Fixes the issue where the Occurrences “Architects” and “Implement of Error” do not display in the game mode Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster’s Index. This issue only affects the Index display and does not affect claiming the Index rewards.

●Fixes the issue where the sound effects of certain scenes were abnormal in the Simulated Universe game mode.

●Fixes the issue where capturing or releasing Sequence Trotters does not count toward certain Achievements in Simulated Universe: World 9.

●Fixes the issue where the Friend Clearance Lineups in some Forgotten Hall and Pure Fiction stages displayed abnormally under certain circumstances.

●Fixes the issue where some Whimsicality effects of “Pure Fiction: Lexical Enigma” were incorrectly displayed in the Action Order. This fix does not affect the actual effect of Whimsicality.

●Fixes the issue where some buttons do not match the features when playing on a controller in the game mode Clockie: Dreamjoy Memoir in Travel Log.

■ Audio

●Fixes the issue where the character “Gepard (Preservation: Ice)” triggered the voice line for “Return to Battle” incorrectly when activating his Talent effect.

●Fixes the issue where some voice lines for “Trailblazer (Harmony: Imaginary)” would play simultaneously.

●Fixes the issue with the performance of some voice lines in Trailblaze Missions.

●Fixes certain incorrect Mandarin Chinese dialogue voice lines in the Trailblaze Mission “Penacony” — “Then Wake to Weep.”

●Fixes certain missing English dialogue voice lines in the Trailblaze Mission “Penacony” — “A Walk Among the Tombstones.”

●Fixes the issue where some Japanese voice lines for Topaz (The Hunt: Fire) were behaving abnormally when added to Team with Aventurine.

●Fixes certain missing Korean dialogue voice lines in the Trailblaze Mission “Penacony” — “When the Sacred Ginmill Closes.”

●Fixes the issue with certain sound effects being abnormal when Acheron (Nihility: Lightning) uses her Ultimate.

■ Environment Visuals

●Fixes the issue where parts of the Dreamflux Reef’s Memoria Singularity contains abnormal light spots.

●Fixes the issue where, under certain graphics settings, the water surface behaved abnormally in the scene “Horizon of Existence.”

●Fixes the issue where there is a chance of unable to control characters after teleporting to certain locations in Penacony.

●Fixes the issue where lighting and shadows for some maps are displayed abnormally.

●Fixes the issue where some NPC models are displayed abnormally.

■ Others

●Fixes the issue where the size of the chat box Cinematic Dreamchase is larger than the other chat boxes.

●Fixes the issue where the overworld imagery has a chance not to become hidden when opening and closing the Settings interface.

●Fixes the issue where the data displayed in the Collection Showcase interface was incorrect when accessing the Trailblazer Profile through specific actions.

●Fixes the issue where some special lighting effects are missing when certain Android devices have Vulkan on.

●Fixes the issue where the game FPS setting would be changed from 60 FPS to 30 FPS abnormally after certain operations.

●In-game texts for the 13 languages have been adjusted, optimized, and fixed. These changes do not affect the actual effects. Trailblazers can switch the game language through “Phone — Settings — Language” and view the corresponding changes in the announcement.

●Fixes and optimizations in English include the following (they have no impact on the actual in-game effects):

●Adjusts and optimizes some prompts, navigation content introductions, item descriptions, item names, buff descriptions, mission introductions, storyline dialogues, Simulated Universe indexes, Simulated Universe Occurrences, loading screen texts, character information, Messages, stat bonus, rules descriptions, game mode descriptions, enemy introductions, enemy abilities, hint information, tutorial prompts, Mission names, Relic introductions, Relic backstory, etc.

[Source – Honkai Star Rail Patch Note Via miHoYo]