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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Is Rumoured To Arrive On PC Soon

When PlayStation began moving its games over to PC, one of the first games it brought to the platform was Horizon Zero Dawn, and since the release of Horizon Forbidden West last year, the question has always loomed as to when it’ll also be ported to PC.

According to leaker billbil-kun, that could be sooner than we may have expected. So soon in fact, that it may be arriving next month.

There was a three year gap between the release of Zero Dawn on consoles and then on PC, but with Forbidden West, it’s quite likely that Guerilla Games had the knowledge that a PC version would need to be part of the development pipeline.

Which makes the much shorter gap between Forbidden West on consoles and it potentially arriving on PC less than two years from the initial console launch make a lot more sense.

It’s also worth noting that a “Complete Edition” of Forbidden West, one that comes with the Burning Shores DLC included has yet to be officially announced, but it did appear on a ratings board for PS5.

So if it is set to come to PC next month, then it’ll likely arrive on PS5 alongside the PC launch. For now, we’ll have to just wait for an official announcement.

But with billbil-kun’s mostly accurate record when it comes to their previous leaks, it’s definitely a sign that we should expect more news quite soon.

Source – [billbil-kun via VGC]