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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Has Been Rated For PS5

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Spotted on Reddit, Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition has been rated for PlayStation 5 in Asia, as reported by Imda Online. This edition includes the full base game along with the Burning Shores DLC. This is reminiscent of what Guerilla Games did with Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. You can read the rating description of the complete edition from the Imda website below.

“Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition” is a compilation containing the original adventure game “Horizon Forbidden West” (Advisory 16) and “Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores” expansion. Set on post-apocalyptic Earth, the protagonist, Aloy, travels to the west to discover the source of a mysterious signal and to find a way to restore Earth.

The compilation is classified M18 for sexual references. Played from a third person perspective, the player controls Aloy to explore new lands. Along the way, she fights humans from enemy tribes, machines and alien monsters. Defeating these enemies drop items or crafting materials which she can use to upgrade or craft her own weapons.

Aloy starts with a basic bow and javelin, but as the game progresses, she can acquire more powerful bows, slingshots and launchers which can shoot various ammunition such as ropes, canisters and tripwires. Combat is frequent with a frenetic pace. Blood puffs are seen when Aloy and her human enemies are damaged by ranged or melee attacks.

However, the blood does not stain the characters or the environment. The story scenes also contain some depictions of violence, such as characters being shot with arrows or impaled by spears, with some details of blood. Some of the story scenes contain references to same sex relationships, where various characters mention their partners during conversations with the protagonist.

The player may encounter a scene where two women affirm their romantic feelings for each other before embracing and kissing. The M18 Classification Guidelines permit “depictions of same-sex kissing and hugging.”

In our review, we said Horizon Forbidden West is ‘a triumphant sequel that sits among PlayStation Studios best’. We also said follow-up DLC Burning Shores is ‘an impressive, though unambitious continuation of Aloy’s saga’.

With that, Guerrilla Games has said there are no plans to stop the Horizon franchise. With the recent passing of Lance Riddick, the team hasn’t thought about continuing without him. He will most certainly be missed.

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Source: imdaonline