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Horizon Forbidden West’s Outfits Will Have Skills Attached To Them, Dev Confirms ‘New And Improved Skill Tree’

Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed that outfits in the game will have skills attached to them, allowing players to buff Aloy’s abilities in different ways.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, the studio revealed that PS4 & PS5 sequel will feature a new and improved Skill Tree, although they’re keeping tight-lipped about about that right now.

And Horizon Forbidden West will have a range of outfits for Aloy to benefit from; similar to and perhaps familiar from the first game, outfits allow for protection against a variety of dangers that Aloy encounters and can be purchased from Merchants or found in the world.

A new addition to the system is that outfits in Horizon Forbidden West have skills attached to them, so players can boost their abilities in different ways. Maximizing these skills happens through a new and improved Skill Tree, something we will tell you more about some other time…

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Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled for PS4 and PS5 release on February 18, 2022.