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Housemarque Provides A Deep Dive On Returnal’s VFX

It could be that the success of EA showing a very early behind the scenes look on Dead Space Remake had an impact on the rest of the industry, or just that this was already a planned posting, but whatever the case we just got another really cool look behind the scenes into the development of Returnal, as developer Housemarque takes us through how they were able to create the incredible visual effects we see constantly in Returnal.

The video is accompanied by a post on the PlayStation Blog, written by the lead VFX artist at Housemarque, Risto Jankkila. The video itself is a very interesting look at what went into the making of Returnal and its many moving parts, but the post on the blog is a nice look into a bit of Housemarque’s history, as Jankkila talks a bit about their evolution from Resogun to Returnal.

You can check out the video for yourself, here:

Source – [PlayStation Blog]