Error Code 4e940a0d Guide How To Solve 2k Error Code 4e940a0d PS5 NBA 2K24 PS5

How To Solve 2K Error Code 4e940a0d PS5

How To Solve 2k Error Code 4e940a0d PS5NBA 2K24 players are experiencing error code 4e490a0d on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, which seems to be happening once players have finished a game and kicks them right back to the menu screen. Problematically, all progress from any game(s) played is lost, so naturally, folk are eager to know more about this error. Here’s what we know about 2k Error Code 4e940a0d PS5.

How To Solve 2k Error Code 4e940a0d PS5

2K acknowledged the issue on Twitter and identified it as a connectivity problem, which it says has now been fixed.

We have resolved the connection issues affecting some players in NBA 2K24. Thank you for your patience and see you back on the courts.

Since this is a connectivity issue, it is more than likely a problem on 2K’s side of things. As such, you may not be able to do much should the error happen again; rather, you are best advised to wait until it has been fixed. A few options are possible though:

  1. Check your Internet connection is stable and try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi or LAN setup
  2. Go to and see if there are any problems related to NBA 2K. If ‘Server Connection’ is among the most reported issues, then you’ll know the issue is on 2K’s side.