How to tell which PS4 games are PSVR compatible and which ones require PSVR

Retailers have showcased the PSVR game boxes, which make it crystal clear which games will be compatible with the new virtual reality headset, and which ones will actually require you to own one to play.

It sounds like it should all be pretty straight-forward, but with so many titles that simply give you the option to play with PlayStation VR rather than it being a requirement, it’s good to see that Sony has a strategy in place to make things nice and simple.

PlayStation VR launch date and game prices

PSVR games will be clearly labelled

So, across the top of the game boxes in the UK, you should either see “PlayStation VR compatible” or “PlayStation VR required”. In the US, it looks like retailers are using the phrase “PlayStation VR game” and then placing an image at the bottom corner of each box that makes it clear that you must own the headset and the required peripherals to play the game.

UK PSVR boxes

psvr games


playstation vr box


See, nice and simple. Anyone who buys a PlayStation VR game thinking that they can just play it normally on their PS4 now has no excuse!

Thanks to: GeeksUltd