How to Think of an Awesome Gaming Name

Gaming these days is way more than determining who has the most skill. It’s also a way to showcase your personality, whether it’s through cool in-game skins or other cosmetics. Another way to showcase your personality is through an awesome gaming name, so how do you come up with one?

This article will help you think of a great gaming name that will be personal to you and make you stand out in gaming lobbies.

Tips for Creating an Awesome Gaming Name

When thinking of a gaming name, many people rush through the process since they’re looking to start playing as soon as possible.

By following the tips below, you will be able to come up with a perfect name for your gaming account without sacrificing crucial playtime.

Don’t Think Too Hard

While your gamertag is a big part of your online presence, that doesn’t mean that you should spend hours coming up with the perfect name. After all, gaming is supposed to be fun, and choosing a gamertag should be part of that fun.

Furthermore, ideas that you come up with initially are usually the best ones, so try not to think yourself out of them. It’s best to come up with two or three ideas off the top of your head and either go with your favorite one or combine parts of them into one.

Make It Personal

It’s best to have a gamertag that represents some of who you are. Think of things that you value in your life, and look for a way to implement them into your gamertag. Some examples for that are:

  • A variation of your name
  • Favorite movie or character
  • A number that’s important to you, etc.

Use a Generator Tool

Using a third-party name generator tool for your gamertag doesn’t mean that you will entirely let a robot choose a name for you. You can give suggestions to the generator so that it includes one or two words you provide to generate a gamertag.

Many name generators also have an option to choose a style for your gamertag, whether it’s bold, aggressive, laid back, or something else.

The more information you give the generator, the more personal the generated name will be. However, don’t be afraid to try an entirely randomly generated name, as they can be pretty good as well.

Keep It Short

Last but not least, you can significantly improve the awesomeness of your gaming name by keeping it as short as possible. Gamertags that effortlessly roll off the tongue and are easy to remember tend to be far better than unnecessarily long names containing too much information.

Usually, combining two elements in your gamertag (for example, your name and a prefix) is more than enough. With that said, don’t be afraid to experiment as long as the gamertag you come up with isn’t too long and complicated.


Choosing a gaming name is supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, many people have trouble coming up with a good name and end up dreading the whole process.

By following a few simple guidelines, such as keeping the name short and using a name generator for help, you should be able to come up with an awesome gaming name in no time and be ready to join the action.