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Hunter’s Arena Legends Full Trophy List Confirmed

The full list of Hunter’s Arena Legends Trophies have been confirmed following news that the game will be available as part of the PS Plus August 2021 free games lineup.

Check them out below.

Legendary Hunter (Platinum)

Unlock every Trophy

The Wealthy (Bronze)

Acquire 150,000 Gold

Overspending (Bronze)

Spend 20,000 Gold

Waste Yard (Bronze)

Dismantle items 500 times

Enhancement Addiction (Bronze)

Enhance items 100 times

Treasure Chest (Bronze)

Open a treasure chest for the first time

Treasure Hunter (Gold)

Open treasure chests 200 times

Veteran Hunter (Gold)

Gain a level 2,000 times in Solo/Trio

Trap Designer (Bronze)

Use traps 30 times

Overdose (Bronze)

Use potions 5,000 times

Throw Weapon Specialist Hunter (Bronze)

Use throwing items 30 times

Beginner Pathfinder (Bronze)

Kill monsters 750 times

Veteran Pathfinder (Bronze)

Kill monsters 1,500 times

Antagonist (Bronze)

Kill a Hunter for the first time

New Fighter (Bronze)

Kill Hunters 30 times

Experienced Fighter (Bronze)

Kill Hunters 60 times

Potential Ability Awakening (Bronze)

Enchant an item with a Potential Ability for the first time

Slayer (Silver)

Kill 5 or more Hunters in a single game 1 times

Victory in Chaos (Silver)

Kill 2 Hunters in a row 1 times

Trap Sweeper (Silver)

Kill a player with a trap 1 time

Top Ranker (Silver)

Become a top 10 ranker 10 times

Demolitionist (Silver)

Kill players with a bomb 1 time

Boss Monster (Silver)

Kill Boss Monsters 2 times

The Price of the Hunt (Silver)

Kill monsters 2,000 times

The Price of Combat (Silver)

Kill Hunters 100 times

Legendary Item (Silver)

Acquire the highest tier item

Vanguard (Silver)

Perform the first kill 2 times in game

Last Man Standing (Gold)

Win a Solo game in 1st place 1 times

Last Team Standing (Gold)

Win a Trio game in 1st place 1 times

Final Record (Gold)

Win a Solo/Trio game in 1st place 12 times

[Source – PSNProfiles]