id reveals Rage and confirms Castle Wolfenstein for PS3

Id Software’s annual QuakeCon convention has been making quite a stir lately with new information on such titles as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Castle Wolfenstein, and their latest title Rage.

During John Carmack and CEO Todd Hollenshead’s keynote speech at QuakeCon, id software unveiled their new title Rage. Carmack described the game as "50% run-n-gun, with a significant aspect of driving and action."

According to IGN, Rage will allow players to earn cash from races and put it towards modifying their vehicles. Also revealed, id software is aiming for a "Teen" rating, cutting back on the blood and guts.

When the title ships, Rage will be coming to PC and Xbox 360 fans in a two disc set, where as on the PS3, id software said they’ll be able to fit the huge adventure onto just one blu-ray. I guess HD storage space is required…

On another note. Id Software confirmed that the upcoming Castle Wolfenstein game will be coming to the PlayStation 3 alongside the previously announced Xbox 360 and PC versions. Not much is known yet on the game but Roger Avary, screenwriter behind Silent Hill, will be writing and directing the movie.

Check back in with PSU as more information is available on all these titles from id Software.

Sources: IGN , Gamespot