id Software’s Rage limited by Xbox 360 storage capacity

id Software lead designer Tim Willits has admitted that upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter Rage is too big for the Xbox 360-supported DVD format. Seems Sony’s investment in Blu-ray – which offers over three times the storage space – wasn’t the unwarranted expense many commentators billed it as.

"The PC is limitless in the amount of data you can put on it," Willits told 1UP at the Austin Game Developers Conference. "The PlayStation 3 has about 25GB. But the Xbox 360 roughly has 6 to 8 GB of data. We’re hoping we can squeeze the game down to two discs for the 360 version."

Sadly, this means that the PlayStation 3 and PC versions will have to be altered to maintain parity, but Willits later released a statement insisting that no actual content had been removed from any version of the game.

"During my talk today I mentioned that we originally wanted to have around 5 or 6 smaller wasteland environments but later decided instead to have 2 larger wastelands," he explained. "Mostly because we were going to be shipping on two DVDs for the 360 and felt that it would play better with one large wasteland on each disc so there would be no loading between wastelands."

"There was NO CONTENT removed from RAGE because of the 360, " Willits wrote. "NONE AT ALL. Moving from multiple wastelands into fewer but larger wastelands was a far better decision and is actually giving us more gameplay in the game. We feel the 360 is a great platform and will provide a fantastic Rage experience."

The Xbox 360’s "Rage experience" will, however, look marginally less fantastic than that provided by PS3, as reported in August by id’s veteran programmer John Carmack. Here’s hoping Microsoft’s rickety old box doesn’t force further compromises.