Imagine a GTA 5-style Sin City on Xbox One and PS4, says Dark Horse

Sin City comic book publisher Dark Horse has spoken about its desire to turn its classic neo-noir comic series into a fully-fledged GTA clone.

In an exclusive interview with PlayStation Universe, Director Of Custom Projects at Dark Horse, Nick McWhorter, said that if he could choose any series from the publisher’s back-catalogue to turn into a videogame it would be Hellboy and Sin City.

Sin City I always imagined to be a really cool open-world game where you really experience that city through the different characters”, said Nick. “Look at what they’ve done with GTA 5 where they have three character’s perspectives. Imagine them doing that with the black, white, red and yellow (that yellow bastard) and doing some cool open world game with cars, characters and brawling, uitilising the story in the seven books that have been created".

Concept art from the abandoned Sin City game

We don’t disagree. If Rockstar is reading then it seems Dark Horse would love to talk business. Comic-book fan and PSU Editorial Assistant Richard Archer actually thinks that Sin City would actually be an ideal franchise for TellTale Games who could adopt the point-and-click route like the incredibly popular The Walking Dead series.

Either way, it does seem strange that a Sin City videogame has never seen the light of day. At one stage there was an Xbox 360 and PS3 version in the planning and some concept art later leaked online after the game was canned by publisher Red Mile Entertainment. Surely, it’s just a matter of time before the neo-noir crime action thriller series makes it; and wouldn’t the PS4 and Xbox One be the ideal time to make that spectacular vision come to life?

Dark Horse also spoke about Hellboy. “I want to see new Hellboy that explores the comic story and the comic settings,” said Nick. “There so many amazing characters and so much great lore, monsters and excellent stories to tell that I would really love to see a strong console game, whether it’s an independent downloadable-type game or a full-packaged major release. I think it’s a property that would be very exciting to explore in games”.

Do you agree? Would you love to see Sin City and Hellboy on console? Let us know in the comments below.