Incognito fixing Warhawk problems

Recently, Warhawk was released for the PlayStation 3 and many people devoted their lives to it over the Labor Day weekend. However, consumers were slightly dissuaded upon the discovery of several technical faults.

The three main issues reported are as follows:

* Stats and Ranking errors, delayed posting, missing stats.
* "Connection Failed" or otherwise messed-up join game errors.
* Network Drops/Disconnects (we have a fix for these and should be deployed in the next service window)

The team at Incognito replied to the community assuring them that they are working very hard in addressing these issues in a timely manner:

"I want to let all of you know that, contrary to some of the posts here…the team was not sailing around, enjoying the labor day holiday while you all played and earned medals that were ultimately never awarded to you," said Incognito’s Dylan Jobe.

Jobe further added: "Our team here at Incognito along with our great support team in San Diego were, and continue to be, diligently working on these issues. I want to reassure everyone that while we *have* been quiet these last few days, it is NOT a sign that we are off on some tropical island somewhere…we are hard at work on the big issues."

"I’m not going to spin it and say ‘oh…. we just had soooo many players… successful…blah, blah, blah.’—That’s a bull**it PR answer.”, he said.

So, don’t fret Warhawk players. You have been assured a flawless technical game very soon. Hang in there.