inFamous clocks in at 15-25 hours long

Sucker Punch’s Chris Zimmerman has revealed that open world superhero romp infamous will take players anywhere in the region of 15-25 hours to complete.

Elaborating, Zimmerman noted that players who zip through the game as fast as possible are looking at a completion time of around 15 hours, while those who partake in the variety of side quests on offer can expect to add an additional 5-10 hours on top of their play time.

“It depends on how you decide to play it,” he said, adding, “If you play straight through as fast as you can, maybe 15 hours.”

“In addition to the 35 stories in the game, we have 100 side missions, and we have a whole bunch of collectibles to pick up,” explained Zimmerman. “If you do all that stuff, we’re [talking] 20-25 hours, maybe.”

Infamous will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 in North America on May 21, followed by a European launch on May 29.