Injustice 2 Black Manta zaps out in introduction trailer

Injustice 2 black manta

As part of Injustice 2’s Fighter Pack 2, a new trailer for the fighting game zaps out and it introduces Aquaman’s archnemesis, Black Manta! The Injustice 2 Black Manta trailer not only introduces the villain, but we also get to see some of the bone-crushing moves he can do to the rest of the cast. If you’re a fan of the character, you’ll know that the Black Manta has a high-tech suit that can fire missiles, fly, and shoot lasers.

Check out the Injustice 2 Black Mantra trailer below.

The Injustice 2 Fight Pack 2 will be released this September 12, and will include Mortal Kombat’s thundergod Raiden, comic book hero Hellboy, and of course, Black Manta. Stay tuned for the other Fight Pack 2 character intro trailers in the coming days before the DLC drops.

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