Injustice 2 roster: Complete list of all characters

injustice 2 roster

The Injustice 2 roster is the largest ensemble of DC Comics characters to date. With a release date now set in stone for May 16, 2017, character reveals and announcements continue to pour in.

There’s a ton of characters we’d like to see in Injustice 2, but let’s take a look at the confirmed and rumored heroes and villains that will clash in NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming fighting game.

Aquaman [Confirmed]
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73
Released: November 1941

The King of Atlantis has been considered a joke for a long time by those who didn’t really understand the character. Aquaman (aka Arthur Curry) is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. With strength that matches Superman himself he also has the power to control all aquatic lifeforms. He is constantly torn between siding with the Atlanteans and humans due to being half human half Atlantian. In Injustice God Among Us, Aquaman stays neutral for most of the conflict but decides to side with Superman in order to save his people from Superman’s regime. Before he could pledge his allegiance he is stopped by Aquaman from another universe.

Atrocitus [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Green Lantern vol. 4 #25
Released: December 2007

The leader of the Red Lanterns, Atrocitus vowed vengeance on the Guardians of the Universe after their Manhunters killed his wife and daughter. Although he is a recent villain to the DC Universe, Atrocitus has quickly grown into a fan favorite. Harnessing the power of Rage, Atrocitus creates the Red Power Battery to destroy the Green Lantern Corp specifically Sinestro who he blames for leading the Manhunters to his home planet and later imprisoning him. Learning that Sinestro now leads the Fear Lanterns he sets up a conflict between the Green and Yellow Lanterns only to appear with his army and discriminately murder members of both factions. Atrocitus didn’t play a role in the first Injustice but he can be seen fighting Kilowog in the Metropolis stage.

Bane [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Batman:Vengeance of Bane #1
Released: January 1993

Known as the man who broke Batman’s back, Bane is one of the most formidable opponents Batman has gone up against. Not only is he exceptionally intelligent, he also has the muscle to back it up. Although he is proficient in hand-to-hand combat he is addicted to the drug Venom which he learned greatly increases his strength and speed. Venom was an experimental drug that Bane was introduced to during his time in the worlds most deadliest prison where he was serving his father’s prison sentence. Being the only test subject to survive the Venom drug infusions he became depended on on it and his body couldn’t survive without it. He has to have Venom infusions directly into his brain every twelve hours. In Injustice Bane fights for the regime after Superman decides his particular skills will come in handy.

Batman [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Detective Comics # 27
Released: March 1939

Batman is easily the most recognizable comic book character of all time. After losing his parents as a child Bruce Wayne dedicated his life to making lives better for the citizens of Gotham City. After the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne becomes dedicated to bringing justice to the criminals of Gotham City as the vigilante known as Batman. One of the things that makes Batman so iconic is his lack of superpowers, instead using his limitless wealth to build gadgets and strategic prowess to figure out the weakness of his opponents. Batman played a key role in the first Injustice building a resistance group against Superman and his meta-human army.

Black Canary [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Flash Comics #86
Released: August 1947

black canary

Black Canary is a superpowered hero who is the on again off again girlfriend/wife of Green Arrow: Oliver Queen. Black Canary gets her name from her superpower: The Canary Cry. A high-powered sonic scream which she uses to incapacitate her enemies, lift them through the air, and stop projectiles dead in their track. and on occasion shatter a lot of glass. Outside of her superpower she is also an expert martial artist. Her inclusion in Injustice 2 is interesting. In the Injustice: Gods Among Us prequel comics Black Canary gave birth to child after Superman murdered Oliver Queen. On a quest for revenge she leaves her child in the care of Zatanna and sets off on an offensive operation against Superman’s regime. In a final confrontation with Superman, Black Canary ruptured his ear drums with her Canary Cry and shoots him with a kryptonite bullet but spares his life on Batman’s behest. After recovering Superman blasts a hole in her abdomen with his heat vision at which point Canary reveals she was broadcasting the battle to the entire world and everyone now knows what Superman has turned into. As she died Doctor Fate intervened and transported her to a different universe where she was revived. She awoke to an alive Oliver Queen who in turn is holding an infant baby. Doctor Fate reveals in a monolog that some people who have lost too much deserve a happy ending.

Brainiac [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Action Comics #242
Released: July 1956

Brainiac is an extraterrestrial android whose origin story has changed throughout the years. Brainiac is a collector of worlds. Considering himself to be a savior, Brainiac visits inhabited planets, shrinking their cities and bottling them up like snow globs. In doing so he also destroys the planet he visits believing that all life will eventually kill itself. He strives to learn the technological advancements of all life he encounters. Being an android the Justice League, and primarily Superman, have thought to have destroyed Brainiac on numerous occasions until it was discovered that he can survive on any existing network. Think of him as Skynet but one that gives itself a body. It’s apparent from the Injustice 2 story trailer that Brainiac is set to take the place as the main villain of the story.

Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) [Confirmed]
First Appearance as Jaime Reyes: Infinite Crisis #3
Released: February 2006

Jaime Reyes is the third person to don the Blue Beetle armor. The most recent incarnation of the character sees the mystical scarab now revealed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Ted Kord used the power of the scarab armor to fight crime but after his death the scarab sought out Jaime, bonding with him. With his new suit and super powers Jaime is inducted into the Teen Titans. The scarab armor allows Jamie to manifest almost any weapon. The armor can produce guns, swords and even shields. He is mostly involved with fan favorite Booster Gold who teaches Jaime how to control the suit and manifest its powers. Blue Beetle is a newcomer to the Injustice universe and it will be interesting to see what role he plays in the story.

Captain Cold [Rumored]
First Appearance: Showcase #8
Released: July 1959

Captain Cold is one of the Flashes oldest villains. He uses guns that freeze the moisture in the air much like Mr. Freeze does. Born to an abusive father, Leonard Snart ran away from home and became a thief. During one of his missions he was captured and imprisoned by the Flash. During his time in prison Snart researched and learned how to develop a weapon that would slow down Flash long enough for him to put an end to him. Throughout the years Captain Cold’s character has evolved seeing him become an anti-hero, at one point helping to save the Earth in the Forever Evil story arc. He is also the leader of the Rogues, a band of thieves that consists of Heat Wave, Mirror Master, The Top, Captain Boomerang, Trickster, Pied Piper, and Weather Wizard. Although he’s not confirmed to appear in Injustice 2 his freeze gun has appeared as a hologram during the introduction portion of the games trailers.

Catwoman [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Batman #1
Released: Spring 1940


Catwoman is one of the first characters to appear in a Batman comic book making her one of the oldest comic book characters in history. Portrayed as an anti-hero, Catwoman has been part of the DC Universe and different storylines in a lot of major roles both good and bad but mostly appears on the side of Batman. In the Injustice: Gods Among Us prequel comic Catwoman joins Batman in fighting the regime and plays a key role in taking down key players of the Regime but eventually betrays Batman to join the Regime believing that it’s better to join them then fight a losing battle.

Cheetah [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #6
Released: October 1943

injustice 2 gameplay

Cheetah is primarily a Wonder Woman villain. She posses incredible speed and power that allows her to go toe to toe with Wonder Woman. There have been about four different incarnations of Cheetah portrayed by various characters and some came with supernatural abilities while the original incarnations of the character had natural abilities. Cheetah has been known on occasion to team up with Wonder Woman to take on bigger threats and at some points even joined the Suicide Squad. She doesn’t play too much of a role in the Injustice: Gods Among Us prequel comic only appearing in a cameo during a bar scene when the Regime is trying to to locate Mirror Master.

Cyborg [Confirmed]
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26
Released: October 1980


A troubled teen Victor Stone is badly mutilated when an interdimensional creature attacks him while he was visiting his father in Star Labs. In order to save his son Victor’s father implants him with experimental technology turning him into a cyborg. He eventually goes on to join the Teen Titans and then the Justice League where he has become a key member. Having the ability to link up to any computer network Cyborg is indispensable when it comes to recon and intelligence gathering. Cyborg joins Superman’s regime in both the Injustice: God’s Among Us game and prequel story and acts as Superman’s eyes and ears reporting to him if he catches wind of any Insurgency activity or any crimes that are being committed.

Darkseid [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134
Released: November 1970


Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips and an overall badass. His power is unmatched even by Superman himself. His ultimate goal is to acquire the Anti-Life equation, which will allow him to remove free will from the universe and rule it in his own image. Besides his unmatched physical strength, Darkseid’s Omega Beams is easily the most powerful attack in the entirety of the DC Universe, instantly evaporating anyone it touches. Only two people have ever survived the attack: Superman and Doomsday. With all the power he possess and his army of parademons. Darkseid has been confirmed for Injustice 2 as a preorder DLC character and may not have any part in the actual story.

Deadshot [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Batman #59
Released: June 1950

 A hired assassin who is known to never miss his target, Floyd Lawton has been portrayed as a villain for a long time but his recent comic run sees him playing the anti-hero. Floyd Lawtons one to true care in the world is his daughter and he would do anything for her. Deadshot is mostly known for his time in the Suicide Squad. As one of the original Task Force X members Deadshot has been featured in the squad for a long time. At one point he even earned his freedom but after awhile he realized he can’t be integrated back into society and asks to rejoin the Squad. Deadshot can be seen in the background of the Strikers Island stage in Injustice: Gods Among Us and has recently made his onscreen debut in the Suicide Squad movie where he was portrayed by actor Will Smith.

The Flash [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Showcase #4
Released: October 156

Although it isn’t confirmed which Flash we will see in Injustice 2, it is assumed it will be Barry Allen. The Flash is the fastest man alive or so we are to believe. Other speedsters have appeared to claim that crown but Barry Allen always finds a way to out maneuver them. A founding member of the Justice League. Barry Allen has the ability to access the speed force allowing him to travel to different Earths and even to go back in time and even the future. In the Flashpoint Paradox, The Flash must restore his timeline after Professor Zoom alters it eliminating Barry Allen’s speed. The Flashpoint arc also saw Superman taken by the government when he was a baby and Thomas Wayne taking up the mantel of Batman instead of Bruce Wayne. In Injustice The Flash is part of the Regime but believing that the Regime has gone too far he then decides to help Batmans Insurgency.

Gorilla Grodd [Confirmed]
First Appearance: The Flash #106
Released: May 1959

 Gorilla Grodd is a hyper-intelligent Ape with the power to control people’s minds and communicate telepathically. He acquired his powers when an alien craft fell onto his homeland. The alien who emerged from the craft imbued Grodd and the rest of the gorillas he lived with super intelligence. During this time the alien and the gorillas constructed Gorilla City and lived in peace for years until they were discovered by humans. Grodd took this opportunity to kill the alien and take control of Gorilla City and begin his conquest to rule the world. Grodd is primarily a Flash villain and has come very close to defeating the hero.

Harley Quinn [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Batman: The Animated Series
Released: September 1992


The popularity of Harley Quinn has skyrocketed in the last ten years, catapulting the character to the top of comic book stardom. Assigned to the Joker as his psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum she started to fall in love with him and eventually helped him escape and joined him in his crime sprees. Her love for the Joker is unconditional even though he constantly physically and verbally abuses her. Harley Quinn has transformed since her debut in the Animated Series receiving her own comic book depicting her in some insane scenarios which fans have compared to the Deadpool character. In Injustice, Batman puts her in his protective custody after Superman kills the Joker and assembles a manhunt to hunt down Harley Quinn.

Poison Ivy [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Batman #181
Released: June 1966


Dr. Pamella Isley is an eco-terrorist fighting to preserve the natural and endangered plant life. Before she acquired her powers to talk and control plants she was student going to school and working as a botanist. Her professor seduced her and began to experiment on her injecting her with various poisons and toxins. Due to the experiments her body became toxic to the touch. Her new found abilities gave her the power to seduce and control anyone she chooses. She is one of Batman’s most formidable foes but knows that Batman means her no harm as long as she doesn’t use her powers to hurt others. She dosen’t appear in the Injustice Gods Among Us game but does make an appearance in the Injustice prequel comic where she is forced against her will to face off against Swamp Thing during a massive battle between the Regime and the Insurgency. During the battle both Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy join forces to protect the forest and the green around them due to an uncontrollable fire brewing around them. It is believed that both of them had perished in the fire.

Red Hood (Jason Todd) [Rumored]
First Appearance: Batman: Under the Hood
Released: February 2005


After being killed by the Joker in A Death of the Family, Jason Todd is resurrected by Talia al Ghul using the Lazarus Pit. With his mind altered by the pit Jason Todd takes up Joker’s old persona as the Red Hood to exact revenge. Red Hood has since mended his relationship with Batman and is called upon when needed. During a twitter poll Injustice creator Ed Boon asked fans which Robin character they would want to see in Injustice 2. Jason Todd’s Red Hood won the vote by 57%.

Robin (Damian Wayne) [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Batman: Son of the Demon (baby), Batman #655 as Damian Wayne
Released: 1987, 2009

 The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Damian Wayne was taught by his grandfather Ra’s al Ghul in the way of the Demon to one day take control of the League of Assassins. Damian was left by his mother Talia in the care of Bruce Wayne who was unaware that Damian was his son. Taking it upon himself Bruce began to train him in vigilante justice. Damians temper constantly gets the better of him and feels that killing his enemies is the best option. The two have clashed endlessly but Bruce’s love for his son does not waver. In the comics Damian is now the leader of the Teen Titans and has turned his back on the League of Assassins. In the Injustice comic book Damian accidently kills Dick Grayson by throwing one of his kali sticks hitting Dick in head, dazed and confused Dick falls over braking his neck on a pile of bricks. Damian would go on to side with Superman and his Regime while doning Dick Grayson’s Nightwing costume.

Spawn [Rumored]
First Appearance: Spawn #1
Released: May 1992

Although he’s not a DC comics character Ed Boon ran a twitter poll asking what guest character they would like to see in Injustice 2, with Spawn easily winning the vote. Albert Simmons was a Marine who was recruited by the CIA. During his time in the CIA he began to question his orders and superiors. He was then assassinated and his soul went straight to hell. In hell Albert made a deal with Malebolgia in exchange for his soul and a chance to see his wife once again. Upon his return he finds out that five years have passed and he himself is completely disfigured with little of his memory intact. Soon after he discovers his wife is married to his best friend and encounters the Violator where the true nature of his resurrection was revealed. Spawn decided to break his deal and fight the hordes of hell and even angels. Spawn mostly uses standard guns for combat but his cape gives him all the power he needs creating an armor around his body and using powerful chains that shred his enemies apart.

Supergirl [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Action Comics #252
Released: May 1959

Supergirl is the cousin of Superman. The original Supergirl was killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths arc in 1985 but was reintroduced to the DC Universe in 2004. Her origin story was changed from the original Supergirl. Kara-Zor-El was stuck in space when her space pod was trapped in a Kryptonite meteorite which in turn slowed her aging. Although she looks like a young woman in her twenties she is actually much older than Superman and it has been revealed in some instances that she is actually more powerful than her cousin. Supergirl’s popularity has grown since her re-introduction into the the DC Universe even producing her own TV show which has garnered much success. Supergirl didn’t appear in the original Injustice but seems to take a prominent role in Injustice 2 where it’s speculated she is under some kind of influence from Brainiac

Superman [Confirmed]
First Appearance: Action Comics #1
Released: July 1938


Superman is considered the granddaddy of comic books. Some say that without Superman comic books wouldn’t even exist to the degree they do now. Regarded as the greatest superhero of all time, Superman went a long time as an indestructible being who saved the world from Nazis and fought Muhammad Ali in a boxing match. During the destruction of his planet Krypton, Kal-El was put in a space pod and sent to Earth by his parents. Upon crashing on Earth he was taken in by his adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Kent who raised him and taught him to hide his powers from the world. As he reached adulthood Clark Kent became a Journalist for the Daily Planet where he meet Lois Lane. In Injustice Gods Among Us, The Joker tricks Superman into killing his then wife Lois Lane and their unborn child using Scarecrow’s fear toxin mixed with Kryptonite. Learning what the Joker did to him he murders the clown in cold blood setting up the story of Injustice and his descent into a totalitarian leader.

Swamp Thing [Confirmed]
First Appearance: House of Secrets #92
Released: July 1971

swamp thing

Swamp Thing is the keeper of the green, he protects the nature much like Poison Ivy and in a sense can’t really be killed. Swamp Thing is also one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe and although he isn’t necessarily a good guy he isn’t a bad guy either. At one point during the New 52, Swamp Thing joined the Justice League Dark to protect the earth from magical and supernatural forces. He has a long relationship with John Constantine who also made his first appearance in a Swamp Thing comic book. In the Injustice: Gods Among Us prequel comic Swamp Thing joins the forces of Superman’s Regime. With Superman bringing peace to the world through dictatorship Swamp Thing believes it’s the only way to truly protect the Earth. He joins forces with Poison Iy in helping protect a forest from burning down during a massive battle, it was believed he died along with Poison Ivy saving the forest.

Wonder Woman [Confirmed]
First Appearance: All Star Comics #8
Released: December 1941

Wonder Woman is probably the most recognizable fictional female character ever created. Her power, grace, and wisdom is not to be taken lightly. Her origin story has changed since the introduction of the New 52 where instead of being molded out of clay Diana Prince is the daughter of the Olympian god Zeus making her a demigod. Living on an island called Themyscira where she lives with her fellow Amazons. Diana Prince encounters Steve Trevor who crash lands on the island. After years of isolation Diana Prince leaves Themyscira with Steve Trevor as an ambassador for the Amazons. As a founding member of the Justice League Wonder Woman boast incredible strength that can match even Superman. As an Amazonian Warrior she fights with her indestructible gauntlets which allow her to defect almost anything they strike, a mystical sword and shield, and the Lasso of Truth: an indestructible lasso that drains the strength of any one it holds and forces them to speak the truth when questioned. In Injustice Gods Among us she is sided with Superman as his second in command. In the comic prequel it is revealed that Martian Manhunter infects her bloodstream with himself, practically killing her until Superman uses his heat vision to boil here blood killing Manhunter and putting Diana in a coma.

Injustice 2 is available to preorder now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Are you excited for the Injustice 2 roster? Let us know what you think of the character selection thus far, and who would you like to you announced in the comments below.