Inside PlayStation Network – Weekly Recap (April 11 – 15, 2011)

Welcome to our weekly recap pertaining to all things Inside PlayStation Network. Every MON-FRI, PSU shines the spotlight on a piece of content plucked from the digital delights of Sony’s online service, be it a chunk of DLC, PSOne Classic or regular PSN release. In case you missed out on any of this week’s entries, here’s your chance to catch up and see what titles we dissected under the microscope.

Monday – Battle: Los Angeles

Movie cash-ins are common as muck these days and have been so for over two decades. Hardly a surprise, then, that big-budget alien blaster Battle: Los Angeles has received the videogame treatment following its assault on cinemas last month. Taking the form of a first-person shooter, this eponymous game adaptation adheres to the events of the film fairly accurately, right down to the movie’s length – you should be able to blast through the entire thing in just a couple of hours. (Click here for full article).

Tuesday – Elefunk

Elefunk presents players with a bit of a pickle. A young Elephant wakes up after a quick kip, and finds his entire herd ele-napped by a dastardly circus ringleader, leaving him the group’s only hope. However, while determined to extricate his mates from the clutches of the ringleader, the heroic herd member finds himself bogged down by one pesky problem – he’s just too damn heavy to cross any of the bridges he needs to tread to accomplish his mission. As such, it’s up to you to lend the youngster and his Elephant chums a helping hand throughout their journey. (Click here for full article).

Wednesday – Ape Academy

In strike contrast to the core outings in the series, mini-game marathon Ape Academy plonks players on the other side of the fence, viewing things from the perspective our pesky primate pals. Well, sort of. While this time around you aren’t gallivanting around as some spiky-haired anime ankle-biter, Ape Academy is really just an excuse to indulge in some party-based shenanigans, with little attention focused on plot. (Click here for full article).

Thursday – Crash Team Racing

The Mario Kart brand has been milked beyond all recognition since its inception on SNES back in 1992, although with good reason – the cartoon racer was quite simply, bloody fantastic. Back in the late 90s, every man and his dog were attempting to cash-in on Nintendo’s acclaimed racing series, though none quite managed to nail the experience. Frankly, most Mario Kart clones were rubbish knock-offs – that is, until esteemed developer Naughty Dog and its Crash Bandicoot franchise poked their head around the door. (Click here for full article).

Friday – Everyday Shooter

Crafted solely by a talented chap by the name of Jonathan Mak, Everyday Shooter is, despite its name, not quite your rudimentary blast-em-up. Initially spotted by Sony at the 2007 Independent Gaming Festival, the game offers an invigorating twist on the familiar Robotron-template that every man and his dog seems intent on replicating in this day and age. The game distinguishes itself from its contemporaries, however, thanks to its ear-assaulting homebrew score, striking art direction and meaty difficulty level. (Click here for full article).