Inside the PlayStation Universe: Mike Harradence – Executive Editor (August 18, 2013)

Our weekly feature giving readers an insight into the lives and working week of the PlayStation Universe staff continues.

With the weekend coming to an end, our latest entry looks at Executive Editor, Mike Harradence, as he starts to entertain the idea that he may be the only games journalist who doesn’t have Twitter.

Name: Michael Harradence
Title: Executive Editor

What games have you been playing this week?

Having polished off DuckTales: Remastered (at least for the time being), I returned to my play-through of the Mass Effect trilogy with Mass Effect 3. As of Sunday afternoon, I’ve just joined up with Tali and Legion, and am about 22 hours into the game. Once again, I’m going through as a Renegade, although in Tali’s case she is spared Shepard’s wrath as the adorable Quarian just happens to be my love interest. This is the first time playing ME3 since I reviewed it for the site back in March 2012, and it reaffirms my earlier opinion that it’s the best title in trilogy. Not that there were any major issues with the original games; ME1’s narrative and exploration remain untouchable, and ME2 upped the action and mechanics considerably. However, ME3 really touches things up, and the characters – particularly Shepard’s core squad – make for compelling conversation.

What news story caught your eye on PSU in the last even days?

Grand Theft Auto Online was definitely something that sparked my curiosity, and this is coming from someone who admittedly isn’t a big multiplayer gamer. Rockstar’s ambition to take its crime opus into a fully-integrated online landscape is nothing short impressive, and the amount of content they’re packing under the hood looks set to keep GTA Online alive for years to come. Aside from that, the news that ACIV: Black Flag looks set to be substantially larger than its predecessors has me foaming at the mouth, and the game world looks absolutely fantastic running on PlayStation 4, as we saw from a gameplay demo earlier this week.

Oh, and news that Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion HD will be sprinkling nostalgia dust over gamers come September is great; DuckTales was brilliant, so I’m very much looking forward to revisiting another classic platformer. After all, I’m old enough to remember how great the original Genesis version was. Oh, and Kyle’s comments about ‘who plays Skyrim anymore?’ Well, don’t feel bad mate; I haven’t even got 10 hours into the game yet, so I’m WAY behind the rest of the world in that respect. It’s the first thing on my backlog after I get through Mass Effect (as well as a certain PlayStation Vita game I’m reviewing for PSU.com — but that would be telling).

What do you do when you’re not editing for PSU?

This week I fit in as much ME3 gaming time as possible, usually in the morning before work and then after. Aside from that, my new training routine is keeping me on my toes; nothing beast the satisfaction of a great workout and waking up sore the next day. You know, in a good way. Aside from that, I saw my best mate for the first time in a while; we’ve known each other 17 years, so it was great to chill out playing some games (me playing ME3, him playing Zelda: Skyward Sword) and having a good old chinwag about games and life in general. Sometimes, the simple things in life are the most pleasurable.

Cheerio everyone, see you again next week. Have a good one.