Inside the PlayStation Universe: Steve Chaffin – U.S. Editor

This post is part of the "Inside PlayStation Universe" series.  You can view Steven Willliamson’s earlier contribution here.

Next up is Steve Chaffin, Jr., who spends his time on PlayStation Universe editing and publishing the work of U.S.-based staff writers and his own content.  On the community forums, Steve works with the moderating team and assists in organizing and fostering intelligent discussion.

Name: Steven Chaffin, Jr.

Title: U.S. Editor, Super Moderator

What games have you been playing this week?

To be honest, I don’t game a whole lot these days. I write for a number of different sites, and so gaming is becoming more and more of an infrequent ‘treat’ that I mainly indulge in with friends or on the weekends. That said, I’ve lately been investing time into Battlefield 3 again. My parents were nice enough to pre-order the PS4 Battlefield 4 launch bundle for me (yes, I’m a young guy and my parents still financially support me) and so I thought I should get my act together before diving into the new game. Who wants to start the next-generation with a 0.5 kill/death ratio? Not I.

Battlefield 3 is still, in my opinion, a beautiful game. I still am horrendous so far as operating vehicles is concerned, but I love those long, hour-long matches that give each team several opportunities to seize the day. I’ve been in games where my team is losing the entire around, and somehow, we buckle down at the last M-COM station and defend it for the remainder of the game. Most games don’t allow you to turn the tide like that, and it’s one of my favorite things about Battlefield. So awesome. I’m trying to platinum the game, as well, because I’ve never gotten a platinum trophy. I don’t tend to invest a lot of time into any one game, but I hate seeing “0” next to my platinum trophies on my PSN card.

What news story caught your eye on PSU in the last seven days?

Our news piece revealing 30 minutes of un-cut Elder Scrolls Online footage was big for me. I hopped into the TES world at a young age on the original Xbox with Morrowind. I had no idea what I was doing, but was intrigued by the game’s vast environments and setting. I didn’t really grasp what was going on, but man was it cool. With TES IV: Oblivion, that all changed. I spent hours per day exploring, completing guild quests, running through caves, and so on. If any game got my attention more than Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, this was it. With Skyrim my interest began to wane in light of other, non-gaming obligations, but I’ve still spent a great deal of time exploring the cold climes of the Nordic homeland and have a special place in my heart for TES, and thus TES: Online.

Unfortunately, I’m underwhelmed. I was hoping that this was going to be something extraordinary, something that was a no-brainer like Skyrim or Oblivion. Frankly, the game doesn’t look that good and the only reason I would buy it is because it’s a TES title. While that is a selling point for me, I don’t think I’m willing to invest money or time into a game just because of the name on its cover. I’m optimistic about the final product, but I might jump off the TES bandwagon for this one. We’ll see.

What do you do when you’re not editing for PSU?

Well, on August 14 I’m shipping off for my first semester of college, so everything I’ve been doing is about to be shifted around thanks to the splendors of college double major classwork. Generally, I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends and gaming from time-to-time. I am also very passionate about writing in other spheres, from publishing a new post on my all-topics blog every other day, writing for an online fitness column, and digging through TIME magazines and various news websites and blogs. I like to be well-informed and to learn new things.

I also want to take one moment to acknowledge a mistake I made this week: In my “CPU nothing to worry about on PS4, Driveclub dev says” article. I originally published this with “GPU” instead of “CPU”, illustrating a little misunderstanding I had with the news story. I won’t pretend that I know every in-and-out of console hardware, and so I’m sometimes prone to making these kinds of mistakes. I apologize for the confusion and will be more mindful of these nuances in the future.

Thanks for another great week of readership.  You guys rock.